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Hedge Fund Wives - Tatiana Boncompagni - Fun in limited doses

Well, just finished reading Hedge Fund Wives by Tatiana Boncompangni. A Very good read. I wouldn't recommend it, if you were looking out for some serious soul searching or serious reading. This one's just to be taken at its face value.

O.K. Here's my verdict.. It IS a chick-lit.. Heck.. So what's wrong.. It's been neatly marketed. I loved the theme. The story is simple. Marcy is married to John, a Hedge Fund Manager, and a very good one at that. He is hard working and soon gets a high paid job in New York where they get to run shoulders with the elitist society of New York. Apparently Marcy is trying hard to conceive, but it doesn't click for her. She is shattered when she discovers that her husband is having an affair with another page3 socialist, whom she totally totally dislikes. The ending of the story is quite abrupt, but I quite like the way, in which it is detailed and covers all lost ground. But still, there could have been little more common sense prevailing.

I loved this portion of the book... I am reproducing it verbatim..

I thought I wouldn’t miss all the trappings of life as a hedge fund wife, but the truth is that I did. Not having to worry about money was nice. So was being able to waltz into any store and buy anything you want. Even if I never abused my spending power (pre-divorce) just knowing that I could shop to my heart’s content gave me a certain confidence that the saleswomen and doormen and everyone else trained to decipher the haves from the have nots could pick up on. In other words, because I was rich, most of the people I encountered every day treated me with respect. And now that I wasn’t, they didn’t.

And it sucked.

I missed having money, which made me disappointed in myself. I had somewhere along the way convinced myself that I could take it or leave it, and that it wasn’t the measure of who I was as a person. When my parents and sister marveled at my good
fortune, I’d always laugh it off and say something like “I still take my coffee the same way.” This was my indirect way of insisting that no, our wealth had not changed me, not one bit. And to that same end I resisted adopting the mannerisms and appearance of a rich woman.

My humility had become a point of pride, so much so that I’d nearly built my entire (new) identity on the fact that we were wealthy but you wouldn’t know it by looking at me. Oh, how selfrighteous I had been about remaining “down- to-earth” despite
the meteoric rise of our finances—and how hypocritical: Now I knew that it was easy to act like you don’t care about money when you have loads of it.

If you are looking for some fun-reading, with some insight on how the richest families in the social circle function, you can read this book.

P.S:- This book doesn't have a wiki page yet.

P.P.S:- I just by chance checked up the author.. Man.. she's gorgeous..!!!!

P.P.P.S:- O.K.. I agree.. this one's a late reading.. but I need to have some light reading in between...

Sunday, February 28, 2010 by Hari
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Uff Teri Ada... Karthik Calling Karthik :)

jogi nach le.. rang rach de..
jogi nach le.. rang rach de..

lehra ke balkha ke tu duniya bhulake naach
dhun koi gun gunaale gaale tu gaake naach
rangeeniyon mein kho ja peeke pilaake naach
mad-bhare nainon se tu naina mila ke naach

uff teri ada
i like the way you move
uff tera badan
i like to see you groove
uff teri nazar
it says i want to dance with you

uff teri ada
i like the way you move
uff tera badan
i like to see you groove
uff teri nazar
it says i want to dance with you

sunle saahibaan…
tu hain ik nasha…
hosha hai mera…
saara kho gaya…

hosh gawaane walet hosh gawa ke naach
paas to aane waale paas tu aake naach
dil mein hai armaan jitne saare jagaa ke naach
tan mein badan mein jaise aag lagaa ke naach

uff teri ada
i like the way you move
uff tera badan
i like to see you groove
uff teri nazar
it says i want to dance with you

uff teri ada
i like the way you move
uff tera badan
i like to see you groove
uff teri nazar
it says i want to dance with you

dekh ke bhi nahi ho yakeen..
(dekh ke bhi nahi ho yakeen..)
itni kyo hain bata tu haseen
(itni kyo hain bata tu haseen)
tere husn se zindagi haseen
(tere husn se zindagi haseen)
tere husn ke aagey koi haseena kuch bhi nahi
(tere husn ke aagey koi haseena kuch bhi nahi)

aankhon mein mere saare sapne sajake ke naach
mujhko tu dil mein rakh le
dil ko dhadhkake naach
pyar agar hai mujhse pyar jataa ke naach
jaan-o-dil jo hai teri mujhpe luta ke naach

uff teri ada
i like the way you move
uff tera badan
i like to see you groove
uff teri nazar
it says i want to dance with you

uff teri ada
i like the way you move
uff tera badan
i like to see you groove
uff teri nazar
it says i want to dance with you

Couldn't resist it... :) :D

Saturday, February 27, 2010 by Hari
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Of Girlfriends, Dupattas and Styles ...

Well, this one might raise flags all the way, but hell, who cares. This post is 'dedicated' to all those ladies, who have been clothing themselves in respectable clothes for that past 2-3-4-5 decades of their lives, and still do not know, how to wear a dupatta 'decently'....

Girls/Ladies have this absolutely irritating habit of wearing something totally inappropriate and then complaining, that guys are staring at all the 'wrong places'. Heck.. what is wrong with you ladies ? You think, guys have no jobs and all that is running at the back of their minds is 'that' ?? Puh-lease... If that is what you think, please read on.. Others... You too can read on.. :)

I've seen totally different and pretty much sickening versions of wearing dupatta. I am not a Fashion Expert or some sage on Fashion, but I can pretty much figure out, what can turn out be a wardrobe malfunction or a fashion disaster.

The one style that I hate the most, is described here as the most common one.. :(

Oh.. How I hate this style... Girls please don't do this... I have only one question to ask.. What is the purpose of the dupatta ??... No .. Don't give me that shit... !! It is NOT an accessory... Puh-lease... !!! It is a part of the garment/clothing.

கன்றாவியா டிரஸ் பண்ணிக்க வேண்டியது ... அப்புறமா அவன் இங்க பார்கிறான் இங்க பார்கிரானு பொலம்ப வேண்டியது ... எதுக்கு இந்த பொழப்பு .. ???

இதை விட இன்னொரு கொடுமை இறுக்கு... துப்பட்டாவே போடாம ஒன்னு அலையும் பாருங்களேன்... கடவுளே... அப்டி என்ன சோம்பேறித்தனம் ?? எவ்வளவோ தேவை இல்லாத சாமான்கள் தூக்கிட்டு சுத்தறீங்க ... ஒரு extra large handkerchief.. seri.. towel.. தூக்கிட்டு வர்ரதுல.. என்ன கொறஞ்சிடு போகுது ?

இதெல்லாம் கூட போறுத்க்குலாம்... துப்பட்டாவ வெச்சு முஞ்சிய மூடிகிட்டு அவளோட ஆளு கூட பைக்ல ஒன்னு போகும் பாருங்களேன்... ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸ்ஸாப்ப்ப்ப்ப்ப்ப்ப்பa
அப்டி என்ன பயம் ??? தைரியமா லவ் கூட பண்ண தெரியல... நீங்க எல்லாம் நாளைக்கு கல்யாணம் பண்ணி என்னத்த குடும்பம் நடத்த போறீங்க ???

I am not apologising for the harsh words... they were meant to be harsh...

P.S:- இந்த போஸ்டுக்கும் என்னோட அன்றாட வாழ்க்கைக்கும் சம்பந்தம் கிடையாது ... தொனித்து ... எழுதினேன்... அவ்ளோ தான்...

by Hari
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Karthik Calling Karthik - Good Watch !!!!

Edit :- A wallpaper for the Deepika fans that visit this blog.. :)

Back after watching Karthik Calling Karthik. Too Good !!!

Perhaps after a long time, a good hollywood kinda flick. I am not going to play a spoilsport by revealing the story here, but trust me, it is a story, well conceived. Great Screenplay. First 20 minutes you feel, as if the movie is going to be god damn slow, then suddenly, it picks up speed. Again, after the second half, the story seems to dull, again, it picks up speed.

Deepika Padukone, for once, steals the thunder from Farhan. She's hot, beautiful, err... I do not have enough adjectives here... but she is truly a whiff of fresh air. I would go a step further, and call her the Julia Roberts of Bollywood. She has potential, that she has proved. She just needs to get proper stories to prove herself.

I must say, the background score is too too good.. Enough to send a chill down your spine, if you were to watch the movie alone !

Right dosage of humor, here and there, but nothing extraordinary. Chemistry between Deepika and Farhan is nothing as was hyped about. Yeah, they look good as a couple, that's all..

This movie is another example of a thoughtful cast. There are only close to a score people in the movie totally. Totally !!! Thankfully no singing and dancing in rain sequences. There was only one song in the party, and it was quite acceptable. Except that I felt that the music and the steps were totally out of sync, I guess that was intentional. The apartment looks cute. Wish I had one like that. :)

Overall - A Good Watch.

P.S:- I love the sensual voice that says Karthik Calling Karthik

P.P.S:- Deepika's been running around in my head since the past 5 hours !!!!

P.P.P.S:- Uff teri Ada... Lingers on ... Mind blowing... Especially the voice of Alyssa Mendonsa ..Uff !!! Too good... Typical party track..

by Hari
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Cometh the Hour... Cometh the Man.. !!!!

Finally, the Man has spoken.... using his Bat.
Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has silenced his critics and the Ghosts of his past, once and for all, by scoring a whopping 200 runs in One Day Internationals.

The Master now holds the record, which I wanted him to have, ever since the ghost of the India-Pak ODI Match, where Saeed Anwar score a 194 at Chennai. Since I was a witness to that match, the feeling that Sachin should be holding the record was uppermost in my mind. Sachin has once and for all, exorcised the Ghost of that match.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 by Hari
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Of Aayaah's , Madams and Embarassment..!!!

Well, this one is not about me.. !!! :)
But of an incident that happened during my school days. ... It was not a controversy.... but a hilariously funny incident.

Before I start, I must mention here, since, this is a story based on a incidence that I haven't seen, I have used a lot of fillers here and there, just to complete it. The crux remains the same. :)

It happened to S. Yes, the same S who is ashamed to have met me in his life From my First Quizzes, Answers and Destiny Post.

It so happened that S was the class leader of 9D (read 9th standard D section). The teacher who used to take Geography for 9D had resigned, and there was a lot of confusion, as to who was to take over 9D's geography slot. It appeared that all teachers had avoided taking it up, quoting over burdening. So for a couple of weeks, 9D had fun during Geography classes, with some subsitute teacher being sent in, to keep them quiet.

During one such class, the substitute teacher had not come to class. So S went to the staff room and enquired. The Headmistress had told him, that a new teacher had been recruited and that she would soon be taking over. I guess, this taking over soon, was misinterpreted by S. He assumed that there would be no teacher for today. So he went back to class, oblivious to what was coming. The class was making a lot of noise, as usual.

Then suddenly an aayaah entered the class. Now, as per the norms and practices of my school, an aayaah usually entered the class, either to clean vomit or to get some signature on a circular. So when this aayaah entered, S accosted her and said, 'ஆயா !!! மிஸ் இன்னும் வரல...நீங்க அப்புறமா வாங்க...'.. The class was still making a lot of noise, as an aayaah's entry into a noisy classroom was in no way going to deter them from making less noise..

The aayaah looked at him, and then walked forward to the front of the class. Everybody expected her to take the broom and pan kept in the front corner of the room and walk out. But instead she stood facing the class and said, 'I am your new Geography Teacher...My name is... '

The Rest is History... err.. Or is it Geography.. !!!

P.S:- Needless to say, till the time, we passed out of high school, we used to call her ஆயா மேடம் only...

P.P.S:- Don't worry, S was not screwed/scolded. The teacher took it lightly... And of course, the ma'm did definitely rehash her wardrobe... :)

P.P.P.S:- Some of the events, may seem exaggerated... Hell,....who cares... :P

Sunday, February 21, 2010 by Hari
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'தல' எப்போதுமே வெய்ட்டு !!!!!

I recently read the Ajith is being praised sky high in media, print and the Internet, for his bold and daring speech during the FEFSI event organised in honor of 'you-know-whom'....

I have seen the youtube video and he really rocks.. In fact his speech was more of a 'I-am-fed-up-of-this-shit' rather than a humble request... and I must say to Ajith, that he had chosen the right time, and the right words and the right place to say it.. !!!!

The gist of his speech is that He requested the person sitting in the CM chair, not to mix Cinema and Politics and that Cinema folks too have a livelihood and it would be unfair to don political colours, especially when the power centres kept changing from one camp to another...

The highlight point is that 'you-know-who' had to swallow the bitter pill when even the superstar got up and applauded THE 'thala'... Finally 'you-know-who' was forced to make a statement like 'It was not necessary for them to be forced to attend such functions...' I was ROTFLOL... :)

I am reminded of Kamal's famous lines here....
சினிமாவில் அரிதாரம் பூசிய எனக்கு அரசியல் அரிதாரம் தேவை இல்லை

As usual.. Thala Ajith has shown his weight !!!!
'தல' நீ பேசு தல...

by Hari
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Hari's 46 Point Budget - 2000/2010 ... What a Journey !!!

Ah... The Budget is around the corner and I am having some nostalgic memories...
Ever wondered if there was a budget which said in very generic terms...

" The mint shall be closed for 6 months in a year, so that subsequently, there is lesser money in the market, as a result of which, cost of goods will come down, subsequently value of rupee increases, hence the dollar can be balanced. "

" Cigarrette's and Liquor to cost more, atleast by 20% , leading to the eventual unaffordability of the consumer "

" No Government Employee shall hold any other office of profit, under any sector, private or public. "

" Government Employees, if found accepting bribes, will not be suspended/terminated, but will be forced to work for 6 months, without salary. "

" Icecream Formulae and Indigenous Medicines will not be levied any type of taxes "

" All Religious and Charitable Trusts, including Temples/Mosques/Churches and other places of worship, will have to contribute 10% of their donations/charity received to the Government Of India, as Nation's Calamity Fund/ President of India Fund. "

Does all of this sound crazy.. ?? :)

Well, this is a sample Budget that I wrote 10 years ago.. This actually arose out of a dialogue (not filmy dialogue, but a general healthy dialogue... again..not like India-Pak Dialogues...:) ) between 'Mooki' and me ... and subsequently it encouraged me to write a charter kind of document, that detailed on what I think as an Ideal Budget. I know it may read pretty much childish, but for a 14/15 year old, this was a big step indeed, and I really cherish the clarity that I had then (and unfortunately not now... :( )

I had the paper on which I wrote this ... very safe.. Today I found the time to scan it.. and I have uploaded it.. you can read the rest of the points here.. :)

P.S:- This is not a 'made-up' post... :P You can even see the பிள்ளையார் சுழி thatI used to put on top of every paper... :) :D

Friday, February 19, 2010 by Hari
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William Darlymple - Nine Lives - Bland !!!

Finished Reading Nine Lives... :)

Phew... Finally I have been able to finish two books in quite a small period of time... After a long long time indeed... About 9 Lives... I do not have anything special to say.. Just requoting the blurb that prompted me to read this book...

Three brothers from a remote village in the Himalayas are driven by poverty to become monks. One becomes a famous masked dancer; the second an accomplished player of the Tibetan temple trumpet; and the third a great Buddhist scholar. A Jain nun tests her powers of detachment as she watches her best friend ritually starve herself to death. A woman leaves her middle class family in Calcutta and her job in a jute factory, only to find unexpected love and fulfillment living as a tantric in a skull-filled hut in remote a cremation ground. A prison warder from Kerala becomes for two months of the year a temple dancer and is worshipped as an incarnate deity; then, at the end of February each year, he returns to prison. An idol maker, the thirty-fifth of a long line of sculptors going back to the legendary Chola bronze makers, regards creating Gods as one of the holiest callings in India, but has to reconcile himself to his son who only wants to study computer engineering. An illiterate goat herd from Rajasthan keeps alive an ancient 200,000-stanza sacred epic that he, virtually alone, still knows by heart. A devadasi - or temple prostitute - initially resists her own initiation into sex work, yet pushes both her daughters into a trade she regards as a sacred calling. Nine people, nine lives. Each one taking a different religious path, each one an unforgettable story.Exquisite and mesmerizing, and told with an almost biblical simplicity, William Dalrymple-s first travel book in a decade explores how traditional forms of religious life in South Asia have been transformed in the vortex of the region's rapid change. Nine Lives is a distillation of twenty-five years of exploring India and writing about its religious traditions, taking you deep into worlds that you would never have imagined even existed.

Bottomline :-
பைசாவை வேஸ்ட் பண்ண வேண்டாம்...

விகில ஆஹா ஓகோனு சொல்ற அளவுக்கெல்லாம் இந்த புக்ல ஒன்னும் இல்ல...
சும்மா ஒரு weekend ஒண்ணுமே இல்லைனா இந்த பூக்க எடுத்து படிக்கலாம்...

Been pending for a long time now... Fair enough... Now what next ? Snow by Pamuk... ?? Let me see...

Thursday, February 18, 2010 by Hari
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What Linda Goodman thinks about me....!!!

Well.. this is on the lines of What my Best Friend thinks about me ... Except that it is not too personal...:)

I got hold of Relationship Signs by Linda Goodman, and found out that I have a Capricorn Ascendant. Here is what the characteristics of a Capricorn Ascendant are....

Trust me, this is truly mindblowing. My comments are in italics and in Tamizh. Non-Tamizh folks, please ignore the comments.

Capricorn Rising can't stop the eventual limelight his accomplishments will bring. He is shy - even when he runs for mayor. He'd make a few self depreciating jokes (it helps him psychologically to beat his detractors to the punch) and hee-haw about his flaws. அதாவது தன்னையே அசிங்க படுத்திகிருது

Fact is he is very sensitive to criticism and self conscious in public situations. Why does he push himself ? Because he must show everyone he can do anything.
நான் ஒரு சுபெர்மேன் ... இல்ல டோபெர்மன்.. சாரி... டுபேர் மேன் ...

Accomplishment is what he breathes for. Nothing else matters if he cannot prove to himself that he can scale the great heights just like his zodiac symbol. Nothing is too great a price to pay to acheive and acquire. Ulcers ? There are drugs for that. Broken Relationships ? He will settlem for his memories. It's desperate, this need to produce. It is how he proves his self worth. For him, being is not enough. So why bother with anyone this driven ? நெத்தி அடி !!!! இதை விட அழகா சொல்ல முடியாது

Because here you have quality. Good old fashioned values like honesty, dependability, sincerity. பிகர்கள் கவனிக்கவும்

He may not always be faithful, but he will be devoted to his chosen one. This is an odd combination of standards. What it means to you is that he will always be there in spirit for the one he loves, but he won't spend a lot of time pining about here, when he is by himself. ஹ்ம்ம்... ஆட்ரா ராமா ஆட்ரா ராமா மறுபடியும் பிகர்கள் கவனிக்கவும்

He is afraid of the dark and does not have nay plans to endure long nights alone. If you have to spend the summer in the Himalayas with your Guru, his heart is the only part of himself, he'll be saving for you. He makes money, he loves his mother (hope you resemble her), he takes responsibility better than most men, he is intelligent, reliable and a general non-nerd socially. ஆட்ரா ராமா ஆட்ரா ராமா...பிகர்கள் கவனிக்கவும்

Relaxed, he has a killer sense of humor. பார்த்து !! கொலை - கிளை செஞ்சிட போறேன் !!! Very Relaxed, he has a hearty sexual appetite. How do you get this guy to lighten up ? You spin takes of his stocks increaing, his real estate appreciating, and his agent selling his textbook for a bedtime story.

When he feels secure, he will express it with a well stocked pantry, prepaid insurance, and he'll get so crazy with glee he'll go the other way and party until you beg for mercy. Since capriciousness is a well hidden facet of his personality, you may find yourself regretting this swinging as too far to the other side. If he has enough money, he'll retreat into solitude and self indulgence. Your first tip off could be the trapeze in the bedroom.

Watch for signs. Once he becomes a wild and crazy guys it will take a lot to get him back into mundanity again. கிறுக்கு பிடிசிருசுணா.. அவ்ளோ தான் ... ஆளு பூட்ட கேசு He only needs to acheive the heights once. Getting there with him could bring you the most dizzying experiences of your life. He is not your ordinary man. இவன் சாதாரணமானவன் இல்ல... சீ மேஜர் சுந்தர்ராஜன் மாதிரி பேச ஆரம்பிச்சிட்டேன்... His highs and lows are stupendous, but he never forgets the one who rode the crests with him. And the way he'll spend forever trying to show his appreciation can leave a girl pretty breathless. And don't forget what he said about his money.

Well... that's it from me for this post... :) :D

P.S:- If the Tamizh is bad... Google Transliterator Sucks.. !! :P :D

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 by Hari
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Hey... One more Milestone to my credit ..!!!

Logged in a couple of minutes back only to find that I've crossed one more milestone, that I wanted to cross, since December last year...

Well, I am very happy... 4 extra followers with this milestone.. :) :P

I crossed 15000 visitors on November 23.
The post where I reached 11000 visitors is here.
The post where I reached 5000 visitors is here.

So... I've had about 5000 visitors - in about 75 days.. Hey... Not bad at all..

I am loving usual...

I am hoping the next milestone will be 300 posts one.. :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 by Hari
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All Was Not Well..!!

My Heart goes out to Chetan Bhagat... I know this might be a little too late in the deluge of posts supporting Chetan Bhagat, on the exclusion of his name from the credit list of you-know-what-it-is, 'All izz not well', but then, I have my own take on this.

I can fully understand the trauma that Chetan has gone through. I have mentioned it in this blog and elsewhere too, that I am not a Chetan Bhagat fan. I was only moderately impressed by his FPS and very much impressed by Two States, which according to me, is better than the remaining three of his earlier books put together. Well, that being said and understood, let's get down to some shit-storming. The reason why I call this shit-storming is that, I know that come hell or high water, shit is gonna hit, either me or the fan, so might as well as call it that...

Now coming to the interesting part... Chetan Bhagat was to the publishing industry, what Gandhi was to Khadi. I know, that it is totally-total blasphemy to compare Chetan to Gandhi, but the magnitude of the job was. Apart from the occassional, Arundhati Roy, Shobhaa De and Jhumpa Lahiri book, that sold 25000 copies to be addressed as best sellers, there was no other saleable author. And then.. then came the Chetan Bhagat wave that took the literary world by storm. As most critics comment, he is not a writer of great literary value, but heck, who cares, They are entertaining. He literally revived the publishing industry. Chetan knew what a 100 bucks meant for an ordinary middle class Indian. He priced it well below the range, with some bookshops offering upto 20% off on the 95, for school and college students, and upto 30% for bulk bookings. I had understood the phenomenon of book pricing from a practical example. Publishing companies realised that this was indeed a viable model. They no longer needed to cater to the elitist upper class. Folks felt, here was an author who was offering them upto 8 hours of entertainment, for the cost of a movie ticket !!!!

Then ? Shit Happenned. Chetan Bhagat apparently sold the rights to adapt the book into a movie to some film editor, who at that time, hardly had 2 movies to his credit, which luckily were super hits, thanks to the famishing state of the box-office, which lapped up the movie, and gave it a great rating. I still feel that the success of the two movies was more a factor of hype and overreaction, than the actual story itself. Wiki quotes this movie as Cult Classic. Excuse me ?? Pray, then what is God Father ? - Nursery Rhyme ?

This film editor apparently wanted all the credit for himself, when he wanted to make this movie, so he adds up clauses, which make CB unable to actually claim anything was his own, at the same time, making sure, no blame fell on him. This was very evident by the fact that he uploaded the pdf of the contract agreement signed and the cheque that was given to CB for the movie, if it became a super-hit. Apparently the editor was looking to divert the topic away, by making it look like as if it was money the writer was after.

It took him two press conferences and god-knows-how-many vodkas, to understand, that the issue which was being discussed in the media was the credit and not the money. And now the editor realises that he is treading on thin ground. Apparently this film editor and the producer of this movie, had miscalculated the firepower CB would be bringing along, if they were to accuse him. And backfire, it did.. In style...

All I wanted to say to the film editor at that time was ... अब इसके बाद मुंह किधर रखोगे जनाब ? खुद का तो एक लाइन लिखा नहीं, इसमें तुम किसी और पर चिल्ला रहे हो । अरे भाई, गांधीगिरी का क्या हो गया ? घास चरने गयी थी क्या ?

All Chetan wanted was that there must be some credit given to him for his story. Poor chap, even till the runup to the movie, he was not sure, what was happening, as was so evident from his post on November 2nd.

And then comes the nincompoop. You know what, he is so innocent and fair, that he is totally totally unaware of what the actual problem is. He may have directed a movie, but that doesn't make him a writer, for that matter, I don't even consider him as an actor.

So what did the trio think ? They can bring down one writer with some threats ? Bullshit. CB is bigger than all that. I am sure, the nincompoop would have got the shock of his life, when he saw the twitter feeds and facebook walls supporting chetan Bhagat. He thought, that he was larger than life, but the truth was that CB was larger than him. Though CB has told his fans, that he is not against the nincompoop, no body can deny the fact that the nincompoop opened his mouth and got hit by shit in return. Well, that's what Technology can do for you, You Nincompoop.. So get going, go home and ask K to teach you, how to use twitter. May be you would be better off in a 140 character format. You can even sign as Phunsukh Wangdu, though I doubt, if anybody would be interested.

The ultimate gem in this whole episode was Chetan's post on New Year's eve. I am reproducing my favorite part - verbatim.

Like I said, I don’t need anything. Even if I have no more movies made on my stories or nobody wants to read my books and columns, I’ll happily join ISKCON and dedicate my life to Krishna. But I will not shy away from the truth – ever.

Chetan Bhagat, I empathize with you !!!

P.S:- I have made a pratigya that as a praayaschit, I will never ever watch a nincompoop and a film editor's story.. Never ever...

P.P.S:- I know, that as a single person, me not watching their movie is not going to make a big difference to them, but it does make a big difference to me, and that's why I am doing it.

P.P.P.S:- I would rather be uncouth and socially unacceptable, rather than be an imbecile and a spineless, who live off plagiarism.

P.P.P.P.S:- My words are harsh ?? Meant to be. !!!!

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The Museum of Innocence...!!!

To be frank, this one was supposed to be due more than 3 weeks back.. Somehow things did not work out as I had planned and hence the plans got delayed. I had mentioned about this book way back in December, here. :) :D

Ah.. !!! Orhan Pamuk proves it yet again.. !!!
He is one crafty story teller and he does tell his stories in style... The previous book by Pamuk that I have read is his My Name is Red. You may read the review written by me, way back in 2007.. :)

The Museum of Innocence is at once, mindblowing and heart wrenching. I do not know how to say it.. Its a deja-vu` for me, as I am in the same position as I was in, when I was writing the review for Shantaram. I am a loss of words... I may sound superfluous, but please humour me. This is one hell of a read.

I've never read a book (containing within it, so much of an intensity) with so much intensity. I am usually good with words. I am faltering. A clear indication the influence the book has had on me..

Here is the story line...

Kemal Bey is looking forward to getting engaged to Sibel. One day, as he wanted to purchase a gift for Sibel, he enters a shop, only to find it being 'manned' by a young lady, whom he knows as a distant relative of his - Fusun. He finds her attractive, and seductively charming, though Fusun has made no attempts to seduce Kemal Bey. Kemal realises that Fusun requires some tutoring. He gets the keys of an old flat, that belonged to his mother, and decides to spend some time there, tutoring Fusun. Slowly, there is a clear realisation of the attraction and lust that both have for one another and they make love, many times in the apartments. Kemal Bey is totally floored by Fusun. He begins to adore her. He has this thought, that he must start collecting Fusun's belongings, so that he can continue remembering her, even after she's gone from his flat. Things go well with them. They continue their rendezvous, till the date of Kemal's engagement with Sibel. Sibel is totally unawares of the developments at Kemal's end, and continues to believe that her fiance is probably having a tough time with business and that is the reason for his sudden detachment from all sorts of worldly pleasures and enjoyment.

Fusun makes it to the engagement party, but both Fusun and Kemal make sure that they do not acknowledge the fact that they know each other. Kemal is engaged, but realises that Fusun is totally hurt by this fact and she stops coming to the Mehermet Flats. She also changes her residence, and does not tell anybody of their whereabouts. Kemal Bey realises that he was more deeply in love with this girl than he had previously thought, and spends days together, after his engagement to Sibel, at the flats, longing for Fusun. He keeps touching and inhaling and remembering the intimate moments that they both shared in the confines of the room. Slowly things go out of hand, and Sibel comes to realise the truth. After some confrontation with Kemal, he acknowledges his relationship with Fusun. Sibel and Kemal try to get along as much as possible, but finally Sibel realises that if she continued to stay in his life, she would only be playing the second fiddle. She gets out of his life.

Kemal's search for Fusun begins. He starts 'hunting' down things that Fusun used, right from her lip gloss and mirror to the glass with which she drank water and the cigarrete butts that had her lipstick on it. Finally Kemal finds her, only to find her married to another man. Kemal is heartbroken. But realises that he still has some hope left in his life. He lives his life, just to see Fusun every day.

What happened in Kemal's life after that ? Does Fusun really love Kemal, or her husband ? How Kemal chronicles his 8.5 years with the family, playing along just to get the attention of Fusun.. and how Fusun gets separated from her husband. Finally does Kemal Bey get his share of love from Fusun? and do they live happily ever after is the crux of the story, told albeight in a lengthy manner, but in the manner, befitting a Nobel Prize Winner.

To tell the truth, I would love to play a spoilsport and tell the story here, but then it would do no justice to this great work. Only If you read it, will you be able to enjoy it the most.

I was already impressed with Pamuk's description of Istanbul in My Name is Red. This one goes a step further. I have never seen a writer describe so much in a street, which I would pass on as non-descript. Pamuk truly rocks !!!! His descriptions of the streets, his room, the Mehermet apartments, the Hotel Rooms leave you wondering, if it was the screen play which detailed the props of a scene !! And of course, Pamuk's forte is the small talk !! Oh..!! I wonder how he is able to write it so naturally.. I guess that is a gift.. !! So much detail from a fiction writer is really admirable, but after a point of time, it kinda begins to get boring. He describes Social Life in Turkey, especially in the late 70's and 80's pretty well. The parties, the elite, the Cinemas, the Radio all are given appropriate importance at appropriate parts in the story, thus only heightening the effect.

The author tells us at the fag end, that this was infact Kemal Bey's story told from the first person point of view and that he was only a medium in the story. But quite contrary, I have the feeling that the choice of words and the description of the scenes and rooms cannot be so accurate/flowery unless and until this was a first hand experience. :) So... For all we know, this might be actually Pamuk's own life story, though I've not been able to justify that.. :P

Sometimes there is too much verbosity in the text. The fate of Fusun, the central theme of the book, makes us wonder, what made the author close the chapter on Fusun so abruptly. There could have been some detailing there. Also, too many love making scenes and their detailed description, could definitely have been avoided. The book was slightly long, and I did not expect it to be slightly unyielding towards the end.

Again, I must mention Maureen Freely her. Her translation's been brilliant and nothing short of genius. Writing a story in your mother tongue is different and then translating it into a language which may not be able to succinctly put it forward, with the same meaning is a totally different, difficult and daunting task and Maureen has done it in style.

As usual, I found so many good quotes in this book, I am quoting them below. Please do not be offended by the length of the post, but this was really very tempting.. :P.. I am quoting very very few.

Sometimes it would occur to me that ours was a companionship of knowing shared defeat: This made me even happier than love did.

It was a great joy to study the myriad social refinements of which anthropologists seem to have so little understanding, and most especially these rituals that allowed families to act “as if” they were respecting tradition, even as they broke with it.

I had only to see them once and I could remember the past Füsun and I had shared, the evenings we had spent together at the dinner table. I had associated each and every object—~~ —with a particular moment, and as the years passed, it seemed as if these remembered moments expanded and merged into perpetuity.

“What is love?”
“I don’t know.”
“Love is the name given to the bond Kemal feels with Füsun whenever they travel along highways or sidewalks; visit houses, gardens, or rooms; or whenever he watches her sitting in tea gardens and restaurants, and at dinner tables.”
“Hmmm … that’s a lovely answer,~ But isn’t love what you feel when you can’t see me?”
“Under those circumstances, it becomes a terrible obsession, an illness.”

When men can’t get what they want from a beautiful woman, they do evil things to her.

Seeing how forcefully she was exerting herself to do the right thing, I loved her more than ever, but I also feared the intensity of what was brewing inside her.

The whiplash of living at once what I had been awaiting for years, the sheer disbelief at finding happiness in this world, had reduced the pleasures to a series of luminous moments, discrete and without measure, like so many fireflies, beaming and vanishing in an instant. But the images entering my head beyond my control, as in a dream, molded into one general impression.

She looked at me and smiled. There was compassion in that smile, and, at least in my opinion, just as much mockery as my story, and my obsession, merited.

P.S:-மக்களே உங்களுக்கு love failure ஆகி இருந்தால் , கண்டிப்பாக இந்த புத்தகத்தை படிக்கவும் ... இத விட தத்ரூபமா ஒருத்தரால கதை எழுதவே முடியாது ... எழுதினவன் அனுபவிச்சு எழுதி இருக்கான்... சேரி.. போட்டு ஓடசிடுரேன் ... கதையோட கிளைமாக்ஸ் கொஞ்சம் சோகமா தான் இருக்கும் ..
ஆனா ஒன்னு மட்டும் சொல்லணும் ... நம்ம ஆளு பட்டய கெளப்பி இருக்கான் ..!!!!

P.P.S:- Too good a book... !!!!

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