Hari's 46 Point Budget - 2000/2010 ... What a Journey !!!

Ah... The Budget is around the corner and I am having some nostalgic memories...
Ever wondered if there was a budget which said in very generic terms...

" The mint shall be closed for 6 months in a year, so that subsequently, there is lesser money in the market, as a result of which, cost of goods will come down, subsequently value of rupee increases, hence the dollar can be balanced. "

" Cigarrette's and Liquor to cost more, atleast by 20% , leading to the eventual unaffordability of the consumer "

" No Government Employee shall hold any other office of profit, under any sector, private or public. "

" Government Employees, if found accepting bribes, will not be suspended/terminated, but will be forced to work for 6 months, without salary. "

" Icecream Formulae and Indigenous Medicines will not be levied any type of taxes "

" All Religious and Charitable Trusts, including Temples/Mosques/Churches and other places of worship, will have to contribute 10% of their donations/charity received to the Government Of India, as Nation's Calamity Fund/ President of India Fund. "

Does all of this sound crazy.. ?? :)

Well, this is a sample Budget that I wrote 10 years ago.. This actually arose out of a dialogue (not filmy dialogue, but a general healthy dialogue... again..not like India-Pak Dialogues...:) ) between 'Mooki' and me ... and subsequently it encouraged me to write a charter kind of document, that detailed on what I think as an Ideal Budget. I know it may read pretty much childish, but for a 14/15 year old, this was a big step indeed, and I really cherish the clarity that I had then (and unfortunately not now... :( )

I had the paper on which I wrote this ... very safe.. Today I found the time to scan it.. and I have uploaded it.. you can read the rest of the points here.. :)

P.S:- This is not a 'made-up' post... :P You can even see the பிள்ளையார் சுழி thatI used to put on top of every paper... :) :D

Friday, February 19, 2010 by Hari
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  1. Many interesting points da,

    cosmetics to cost more, petrol to cost less (I disagree), private schools to have uniform fee, if drugs are seized, Government should do the selling... - caught my eye.

    There is time to become Pranab sir's advisor :)

  2. @Shiva :- Thanks... :)

    10 years is a long time.. and to be frank, my opinions have also taken a 180 degree turn.. :) in these 10 years.. I, myself, do not approve of many ideas in this Budget.!!!! :)

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