Of Aayaah's , Madams and Embarassment..!!!

Well, this one is not about me.. !!! :)
But of an incident that happened during my school days. ... It was not a controversy.... but a hilariously funny incident.

Before I start, I must mention here, since, this is a story based on a incidence that I haven't seen, I have used a lot of fillers here and there, just to complete it. The crux remains the same. :)

It happened to S. Yes, the same S who is ashamed to have met me in his life From my First Quizzes, Answers and Destiny Post.

It so happened that S was the class leader of 9D (read 9th standard D section). The teacher who used to take Geography for 9D had resigned, and there was a lot of confusion, as to who was to take over 9D's geography slot. It appeared that all teachers had avoided taking it up, quoting over burdening. So for a couple of weeks, 9D had fun during Geography classes, with some subsitute teacher being sent in, to keep them quiet.

During one such class, the substitute teacher had not come to class. So S went to the staff room and enquired. The Headmistress had told him, that a new teacher had been recruited and that she would soon be taking over. I guess, this taking over soon, was misinterpreted by S. He assumed that there would be no teacher for today. So he went back to class, oblivious to what was coming. The class was making a lot of noise, as usual.

Then suddenly an aayaah entered the class. Now, as per the norms and practices of my school, an aayaah usually entered the class, either to clean vomit or to get some signature on a circular. So when this aayaah entered, S accosted her and said, 'ஆயா !!! மிஸ் இன்னும் வரல...நீங்க அப்புறமா வாங்க...'.. The class was still making a lot of noise, as an aayaah's entry into a noisy classroom was in no way going to deter them from making less noise..

The aayaah looked at him, and then walked forward to the front of the class. Everybody expected her to take the broom and pan kept in the front corner of the room and walk out. But instead she stood facing the class and said, 'I am your new Geography Teacher...My name is... '

The Rest is History... err.. Or is it Geography.. !!!

P.S:- Needless to say, till the time, we passed out of high school, we used to call her ஆயா மேடம் only...

P.P.S:- Don't worry, S was not screwed/scolded. The teacher took it lightly... And of course, the ma'm did definitely rehash her wardrobe... :)

P.P.P.S:- Some of the events, may seem exaggerated... Hell,....who cares... :P

Sunday, February 21, 2010 by Hari
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