144 Hours in Mumbai and Back !!!!

I am back in Hyderabad, after a week in Mumbai. Mumbai life was good... tempted to stay for a longer time... but nothing like Hyderabad.

Hey.. Mumbai is good. Or rather better. I liked the hustle bustle. But not the crowd in trains. The colleague who, did not pick me up, when I landed in Mumbai, apparently, was in Pune and had had bhaang, resulting in 'chadta nasha' , a super charged high and an equally super-long hangover, that resulted in his realising that I was due that day in Mumbai only in the wee hours of morning, the next day (Tuesday morning), 1:30 AM to be precise. I was still mad, but he more than made up for it.

On Friday evening, we spent about two hours, me singing and he strumming the guitar. H did a great job. Frankly if only H practices some more, he can be a real pro !! Some songs that we sang were 'Papa Kehte Hai', 'Kaise Batayaen Kyun Tujhko Chahein', and then strummings from Ilayaraja's compositions. Of course, H kept insisting that I sang superbly, and that I should get trained. !! :) :D. On Saturday, when we spent the whole day shopping, like two college girls out to spend their fathers' money. :) :D NOM Ladies !!

Here are some things that I did, when I was in Mumbai.

Mumbai Trains !!! Everyday, up and down from Bandra to ChurchGate Stations. Was great. Actually was surprised to see, so many posters on trains. I've been on Chennai's electric trains too, so nothing much of a difference, except the crowd and the huge number of posters on quacks and magical remedies. The crowd was almost triple the average crowd in Chennai.

Panipuri !!!
Ah.. This was a damp squip. Not much of a thrill factor.
Bhelpuri !!! Ram and Shyam's had a fantastic offering of Bhelpuri.. slightly expensive, but kinda worth it.
Vadapaav !!! Yes. Good. Nothing so special.
Dabeli !!! Yes. Very Good.. :)

Mumbai Auto's !!! Among the most reliable transport systems in India. And the drivers are very honest too !!! Wish there was such a system in place in Chennai !!! Then truly it would be Singara Chennai.

Mumbai Taxis !!! I just had a short trip. Hardly a couple of kilometres. But it was nice !! Would love to go again.

VT !!!
Did a Jai Ho! and boarded the train to Bandra :)

Dalal Street !!! Saw the economic powerhouse from afar.

Shopping !!! Truly a shopper's paradise !! Great things at very affordable prices, provided you know how to bargain. They start quoting at 425 and then you buy it at 150. The seller would still make a margin of 50% :P

Girls !!!! No comments. This is truly a 'sight-seer's paradise to say the least. Enna range !!! pa pa pa pa... !!! Superubbu... !!!!

P.S:- Work was very hectic. All my shopping was done in one day. :( Too bad.
P.P.S:- One day shopping pannalum, nalla thaan irunthathu. :D. Franka sollanumna, oru vithamana high a irunthathu, shopping pannum bothu... No wonder, shopping is a wonder drug (for the ladies)

Sunday, March 7, 2010 by Hari
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  1. I have never been to Mumbai and want to very badly..!

    "Girls !!!! No comments. This is truly a 'sight-seer's paradise to say the least. Enna range !!! pa pa pa pa... !!! Superubbu... !!!!" - :) :)

  2. @Shiva :- I always underpromise and over deliver.. :)

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