8 Tips to enjoy a Train Journey especially when you are alone !!!

How to completely enjoy a Train Journey, especially when you are alone....

1.) Try to be over friendly ... speaking of being friendly, over-friendly includes, checking out the names of the people in your compartment, and the number of females, in your preferred age-group, included. Then, when they get into the compartment, say, "Hellooooo... I was waiting for you only... Mr XYZ. How are you ?" The perplexed man will now smile a confused smile at you, and look back at his wife, as if to enquire, if you are some long lost relative of his wife, as he is sure, you are not one of his own ! :)

2.) Buy a lot of eatables before you board the train ... that way, when the train actually starts, try offering your snacks to other folks in your compartment. You will not be disturbed for the rest of your journey.

3.) To silence that old man or old woman, who keeps talking about the good old days of 1960's and 1970's ... Insist on them accepting a cream biscuit or an orange or a peeled banana from your hands. 98% they will not approach you again. Better still, offer them coffee or tea from the flask that you carry. :)

4.) Keep staring ... er.. at the luggage, whenever a new family boards the compartment. Smile or smirk indicating the number of baggage that they are carrying, or at the weight of each baggage. Look at each baggage intently, as if you are going to mark it with some chalk piece. The lady (if any) would get so pissed off, that she is bound to give you a rude stare and push the luggage under the seat, with her leg.

5.) Lure the children with all sorts of eatables.... initially. The children would obviously be interested in eatables, anywhere and everywhere. Your 'package' should be very attractive. Atleast 3 different types of lollipops and candies are a must. This way, you are increasing your chances of the child's parents avoiding you completely and putting the child to sleep, as early as possible.

6.) Be overly fidgety. Keep Asking, if the destination has come, and how long it will take. Keep asking these questions to every person who comes and sits in your compartment. This way, you will not be disturbed for the rest of your journey.

7.) Suddenly look up and sing aloud the song running in your mobile or iPod. Just a couple of lines.. and look up to the sky and open both your arms, as if to say, 'Alak Niranjan'. This will ensure that your fellow passengers look upon you as some seer.

8.) Have a sinister smile and try to be as shabby as possible. Try to have atleast 2 weeks unshaven look and dull eyes, that seem to be darting everywhere. Once in a while, look at the mobile and laugh, and then look around to see if anybody is looking at you and then suddenly stop laughing.

P.S:- The above mentioned steps are more than enough to get you a night's stay with the RPF.

P.P.S:- RPF stands for Railway Protection Force

P.P.P.S:- Offence for overnight stay being - suspected Biscuit Bandit or 'Kidnapper'. :) :D

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 by Hari
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  1. when i started to read, i didnt know that this was your idea of enjoying the train ride :).. nice one.. "Lure the children with all sorts of eatables" -that was wicked :).. that and the sinister smile will earn you another tag.. suspected child molester.. :P

  2. @Rougegene :- :) :D .. Child molester.. Avana neeyu ???? :) :D

  3. புள்ளை பிடிக்கறவன்னு உள்ள தள்ளிட போறாங்க !!!

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