He - She Blogs !!!!

Ok.. Ok.. I know you must now be cribbing that reading the title of this post itself took a lifetime...

This one is actually a dedication or should I say copy-cation ??
I've been reading He-She Blogs for quite some time, and to say the least, I've fallen in love with them, Head over Heels !!!

Chanceailla.. Semma writing. Very realistic. One of the best writings in recent times. Actually I came across this, very very recently only. About a month ago. It was a very old forward that made its way into my inbox, and I spend the rest of my day, laughing, crying, feeling down, feeling better, sometimes shy, sometimes coy with He and She.

I must thank Prabhu.Ferrari for giving me the permission to go ahead and continue the writing on my blog. Nothing can destroy an idea, as my hero, the Vaudevillian Veteran says in V for Vendetta, Ideas are Bulletproof. And nothing can stop an Idea, whose time has come.

Remaining of this post will be part Tamizh Part English, Transliterated text - or rather Englizh or Tanglish. So non-tamizh speaking readers, kindly excuse. Others... Annen Aarambhicitaen... !!!!!!

He and She are working in the same company and are engaged.
She calls up He to enquire whether He side photos had come.

She - Hey, busya irrukiya ?
He - Illa .. Sollu..
She - En oru mathiriya solra ?
He - (sigh) Onnum illa da... sollu.
She - Onnum illa.. (curt and right)
He - Ippo enna aachu nu kochikara.
She - (silent)
He - Hey, romba sorry. Enakku inga konjam tension.
She - Enna aachu ?
He - Ippo enna venum unakku ? Vilavariya timeline pottu excel anuputa ?
She - (silent)
He - Seri..ippo enna venum ?
She - cuts the call.
During lunchtime.
He calls up She.

He - Hey saaptiya ?
She - Hmmm.
He - saaptiya ? vazhakama neeyum naanum thaane saapida povom ?
She - enakku bore adichuthu, athaan seekarame poi saaptaen.
He - (silent)
She - Seri, enakku vela irruku, naa aparama pesaraen.
He understands the matter.
He - Seri..naa unnoda building lounge kku varen... Neeyum yerangi va.
She - Hey, enakku 2 o'clock ku meeting.
He - Mani ippo 1:30 thaan aarathu. Just 10 minutes.
She - Seri. va.

He - Hey Listen, enna aachu na...
She - Naa unna kaekkavae illaye ...
He - Please di.
He says this with such earnestness that She's heart melts.
She - Seri.. sollu.
He - Oru patch client delivery kku anupinathula, system crash aayiduchu. Avan Show-Stopper issueva raise pannitaan. Nethikku night 10:30 kku office vanthaen. Naa innum veetukku pogala.
She - Ada paavi. Appo nethikku night en kooda nalla kadalaya potta ?
He - I was here at that time. Yaarume kooda illa. So bug fix pannikittae un kitta pesittu irunthaen.
She - Seri..appo morningla en erinji vizhuntha ?
He - Morning 8 o'clock, Engagement Manager phone panni kaatu kaatu nu kaatitaan... Athaan... orey kaduppa irunthathu. Sorry da.
She - Itha nee nethi nightae en kitta solli iruntha, naa company kuduthripaen la ?
He - Nethikku nee vanthiruntha na, unna thaan 'fix' panni irrupaen.. Bug a illa... (grins sheepishly)
She - (flustered) seri.. romba vazhiyatha. Saaptiya ?
He - Illa.
She - Morning enna saapta ?
He - Athaan sonnaen la, Nethikku nightlirunthu, ithu varaikkum, rendu coffee thavira onnum ulla yerangala.
She - Ada paavi. Seri, vaa saapida polaaam.
He - Nee thaan change venum nu saaptiyae.. Aparam ethukku time waste pannitu ? unakku thaan call ellam vera irrukae ?
She - Athellam onnum illa. Chumma olalaikku.. Naanum saapidala. (grins sheepishly)
He - Nee ivlo nallavala ?
She - Seri Seri... Next time, intha mathiri aethavathu nadanthathuna prompta sollu.
He - Seringa madam.

Unlike the original, I do not want to give bulb to He or She. Both are infinitely close to my heart and I cannot bear to hurt any one of them, atleast as a writer.

P.S:- If you find the story to be a mokkai, I am sorry, But you have to digest it.

P.P.S:- More to follow, depending on the comments. :) :D

Sunday, March 28, 2010 by Hari
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  1. Sir, enna ithu??? :)

    Seriously, good start!

  2. Chumma da... Oru change kku...

    Englipees la naangalum lub stories ezhutha mudiyum nu prove panna try panraen.. :) :D

    Glad you liked it.. More to come.. Very Soon..

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