Cairo Diaries - 1

This will be the diary of my Cairo Travels (and travails). Here are some really random things that I liked and found in Cairo, in my one week stay (till now)

The first thing that I noticed/realized, when I came out of the plane was the cold,chilly air that hit me. Transported me back to Ooty days. The immigration procedure is goddamn simple and straightforward, Just one stamping. Khallas. They don't even bother to ask you your Name or purpose of visit. Or is it because, you know, I looked so professional ?? !!! :) :D The procedure to collect your bags is horrible. They have placed the conveyor belt in such a manner that it is impossible for more than 20 people to collect their bags at the same time. Also, there is no place to keep your trolleys too. If your bag hasn't arrived, you can afford to get frustrated. Then comes the check out. The problem here is that the checks are quite random, and you never know when the folks will ask you to open your baggage.

The first thing that I noticed when I came out of the airport was an obelisk. And somehow I felt at peace. Cairo International Airport is slightly small, from what I could see.

Transportation in the city is of many types. We have the Taxis. Mini Cabs. Government Buses. The taxis are unlike our taxis. Some are very good. Some look totally ravaged. Mini Cabs are just like the ones in Muscat. Haven't traveled in a Government Bus till now. I have to travel in a cab/taxi from office to home and vice versa. The distance is close to 15 kilometers and takes about 45 minutes in peak traffic. The best point of my journey is the underground tunnel that opens up to Opera Square. The best 4.5 minutes of the whole journey. I am transported to Die-Hard 4.0 the moment I enter the tunnel. Traffic sense is very very poor in the city. All cars have some sort of nicks and dents. I have seen 3 accidents in 3 days in my travel from home to office and from office to home, till now. Plenty of old cars in the city. P U H L E N T Y !!!! And of course, I could see, plenty of old versions of my favorite car, the Beetle !!! :) .. Unfortunately, all the Beetles that I could see were heavily ravaged. :(

My office is right in the heart of the commercial area. Something like Ranganathan Street back home. Mind blowing. The street is empty in the morning. But if you have a look at it during the afternoon, you'll be blown away. It somehow transmorphs itself from being a plain, non-descript street in the morning to a full-blown commercial street, abuzz with activity later in the day. When I get down from the building, in the evening to get home, I just love the atmosphere. Its full of life. Plenty of people, walking about here and there. Many shops. Boutiques. Coffee shops. There is so much of life in the street !!! Man I just love the street.

My apartment is good. We are having a problem with the Internet. I guess that will be fixed before Monday. Hopefully. Inshallah !!! Talking of Inshallah, You cannot, note CANNOT, survive in the city, without knowing Arabic. It is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate in the city, without knowing Arabic. We are trying to live ourselves out, by shopping mainly in big malls and grocery supermarkets.Plenty of KFC's, Pizza-Huts and McD's all around the place.

Cairo Diairies Will continue ....

Thursday, March 25, 2010 by Hari
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  1. The Cairo International Airport is adding new facilities and the ongoing projects include an automated people mover (APM), multi-storey car parking, and real estate projects.

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