Change is Good - Part 2

Regular visitors to my blog would definitely see a change today.. :).. I've changed my template after a long long time.. I hope its good.

I have been changing templates like anything today... Not exactly inspired by anybody, but just felt that I too needed to change with the times.. :) :P

This particular template is called Cumulus and has been downloaded from Some minor changes have been done by tweaking the html.

Hope you like it.. !!! Comments are welcome.

Some more template changes are in the offing... Let's see... :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010 by Hari
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Comments (5)

  1. I was "terrified" by your testings, as I checked ur blog inbetween :P

    But, the final outcome, I should say, is very gud!!! I was bored by your plain white template. It's a welcome change, for me too :)

  2. Good change dude :)

  3. @Anand :- Naanga latea vanthalum.. Latesta varuvomla... :)

    @Shiva :- Thanks... :) Think, yours warrants one too... Try something totally 'un'-Shiva !! :) :D

  4. Hey, this looks really nice, I like banner particularly.

  5. @Shruti :- Thanks... Looks like yours is revamped too.. I liked the older one better..:) Try something different. :) :D

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