Concise Update for Week Ending 21st March 2010 !!!

To be frank, this is first time, I have been without accessing my gmail/blog for more than 4 days at a stretch continuously.Half of this post was written At Dubai International Airport, when I was waiting for the transit to Cairo. :)

I haven't been exactly honest and truthful in my blog here.

Three months ago, I had butchered Vettaikaran Songs Here. But the songs have actually grown on me !!! I am actually embarassed. But

Come On And Get Me With Your Loving Machan
Undress Me And Then Caress Me Aatan
And I’m Feeling The Sikkal And Show Me Your Love

is simply too too catchy to miss.. !!!

Another fact is... Yes, the cat is finally out of the bag... I am on Twitter... :) :D

Kaari thuppavendaam.. Please...

I know I have blogged in negative about twitter, here and here.

O.K.. I am in Cairo now... There was confusion at the Airport, (once again..:) :D) and somehow, I reached home, safely. Got a chance to visit the Egyptian Museum...
Hey I saw the Mask of Tutankhamun and all his treasures.. Trust me, It is nothing that words can express. It was like an atheist coming face to face with his god. The museum cannot be seen in a single day... Its too large and too many artefacts to be seen in a single walking... Didn't go to the mummies section.. Enough mummies outside...though...:)

Saw the river that gave life to Misr... Yes, the second largest,or is it THE longest river in the world... The Nile. Couldn't find the time for a boat ride... All in good time...

The city is like a scene right out of my imagination. I had imagined the city to be like this, and it was exactly like that. Not a single picture was out of place. Seriously, It was quite a shock for me... Culturally the place is a mosaic of cultures... So it is really a great experience till now... Let's see..

Friday, March 19, 2010 by Hari
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  1. Dude, waiting for the experience of an Egyptian odyssey through our blog now! :)

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