Hari Calling Hari !!!!

This was revelation that came to me, when I was in Hyderabad airport and was stranded at Mumbai.

There was not a single phone number in my mobile (apart from the closest family circle), that I could actually call up, and talk. Felt very bad when I realised this.

My definition of calling up and talking is, I can call up anytime, and expect the person to listen to me patiently, without making any judgements/comments/cribbing. Unfortunately I realised that day, that those days are long over and Here I am stranded.

Sigh. Life Sucks !!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 by Hari
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  1. I've faced more than 365 days like this Hari

  2. @Shruti.

    The truth is, I've been this way, for more than 11 years now.. Its only the last weekend, I've realised it !!!!

  3. Well, I've taken a step towards not being this way... Lonliness can take its toll...

  4. @Shruti.
    Wish I could say the same thing. It is too late now. I've gone beyond the point of no-return.

  5. Life is full of surprises... Anything can happen

  6. now i'm officially insulted..Thanks

  7. @Princess - I did not mean to.

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