One Strange thing about me ... that, I've never ever reviewed or re-read my answer sheets.

N E V E R !!!!!

I know that this sounds quite crazy, but I've never done this. For me, when I write something, I will write it with full concentration, fully aware of what I am writing. In that case, according to me, If I re-read, I would be insulting myself.. :) :D :P

P.S:- This is especially true in case of Hindi Papers... :)
I've never reviewed a Hindi Paper in my life. Not even during Board Exams !!!

P.P.S:- My Hindi exam sheets till date, have not contained even a single manual correction (unless and until they were major changes, I've never corrected them.)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 by Hari
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  1. @Gates.. thanks.. :) :D

    Dai... aethavathu post pannu da... its good to have an outlet... of course nee oru I mean... Kalaignan... :) ... irunthalum parava illa...write something... :) :D

  2. hmmm sure da :) i will do it for sure da :)

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