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Ah... Came across this hilarious blog called Just a Mother of Two by Preeti Shenoy... :) She's mind blowing (and pretty :P)... Seriously... Don't forget to read her cute 'mama-moments'!!! Too too good...
BTW she's an author of the book - 34 Bubblegum and Candies, and writes brilliantly (on the blog). The blog looks very cute and her website too is good.

Another blog that I've been reading for quite some time is the 'Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker'. Some of her posts are really good, though idealogically, we may be at loggerheads. Pretty much feministic and she has a cult-like following in the blogosphere... check it out. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010 by Hari
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  1. Mama moments is really cute !!!

  2. Hi Hari :)
    Smiling reading your definition of yourself as well as your description of me and my blog :)

    My website is being revamped and a better and mor complete one would be launched soon :)

    Thanks for the mention and glad you liked :)

  3. @Anand.. Glad you liked it....

    @Preeti.. Is this 'THE' Preeti Shenoy...???? OMG !!! I am hono(u)red...:)

    This is the second time, an author of a book has taken the pains to come forward and acknowledge the appreciation.. :) Thanks a lot Preeti... Looking forward to reading your 34 Bubblegums and the website.. All the Best !!!!
    BTW .. How did you get to know that I have posted something on you ?? I posted it only at about 3 PM I guess... Are Search Engines getting intelligent.. ??? Sign of things to come ??

    Nothing is as fulfilling, as this day for me, in recent times... Thanks Preeti.. you made my day.. :)

  4. Yes it is me virtually 'sakshaath' :)

    I got a google alert in my inbox :) Yeah--i guess sign of things to come :)

    Thanks again!

  5. @Jyoti :- Thanks.. BTW Checked out your blog too... Cute... Lots of pictures.. :) :D

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