Start Weekend !!!

OK. This is a milestone post. 300 Postswala. :) :D

I do remember very clearly that my New-Year eve post was a 250. Well, this is a triple Century.

First Century. Double Century. Triple Century.

O.k. Enough bragging for the day. Start Mesic. !!!!

My Week ended before it started !!! :( :(

I feel like crying aloud. My Sundays are working once again. Feel so bad, that all my friends are happily enjoying their weekend when I am slogging my arse over here.

Well, Got up late, this Friday. We cooked !!! Onion Saambhar and Hot and spicy, Potato curry. Nothing like it. It was quite late, when we had lunch. Close to 4 in the evening. I got my room slightly re-arranged. Will post the photos, post some more furniture re-arrangement.

At around 7:30, we went outside, just nearby. Got some vegetables and biscuits. Wrote a He-She story.

Next Day, again late waking up. Fuse went in one phase. No power supply in Kitchen, bathroom and the three bedrooms. Had a tough time trying to reach the houseowner. Finally called the house keeping guy. Had to literally rip our heads off in trying to explain to him, what the problem was. Finally he got a guy and got things fixed, atleast temporarily.

In the evening, went to Khan-Khalily. A post on it is in the offing. So for more details, Watch this Space !!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010 by Hari
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  1. hmm.. gud again started with ur onsite routine.. reminds of our days .. :)

  2. Dai... Yes.... But Muscat was a slightly boring place. This one's more happening.. :P If you can understand what I mean.. :P

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