Cairo Diaries - 4

This is a selective 'selection' of 5 of the best photos of the trip, shot with my SONY H10.

The Abou-Simbel.
Typical National Geographic Shot. I know, how many years I have waited for this moment. To be able to see what you've only seen and heard about in Encyclopedias and Internet, in front of your eyes, is truly an exhilarating experience, and for this reason, this photo will remain one of the best photos on this Trans-Misr tour.

The Contra-View
Thanks to K for modeling for this photo. The idea came suddenly and was quickly executed. The idea of the photo is to look into the goggles to see the whole Abou-Simbel, and of course, ME !!!!

The Temple of Hatshepsut
Reason for this being important is the fact that I was awestruck by the grandeur. Look at the size and enormity of the whole exercise. If only this was completed properly and not destroyed...

The Solo Road Shot
Thanks to P, for modeling for this photo. It never actually came to my mind, that this picture could so well define the moment for us. We had had a puncture, right in the middle of the desert and we started a photo session !!! :) . The result of it, is right here, for you to see.

Hot-Air Balloon
Reason for this shot being included here is that this was shot from a car moving at about 60 km/hr,through dense vegetation. Touched it slightly, but it was worth it.Align Center

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 by Hari
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