Cairo Diaries - 7

Had gone on a trip to Alexandria, last weekend, and had a great time. The team strength was slightly less, as a result, we had more legspace.. :) :P

We started early morning, and landed in Alexandria at about 10 in the morning. The first destination was Qaitbey Citadel. Supposed to have been built up on the ruins of the lighthouse of Alexandria, it is still considered as the key to enter Misr. The fort looks impressive from outside. We didn't venture inside, as there was too much of a crowd to enter the Fort, especially lots of students. The local Egyptian population, comes in throngs to this spot. The view is simply superb from this point. No wonder, it is the key to Egypt. The Meditteranean looks Grand.. if that is the right word.

We were actually looked at in awe by the locals. I was actually pleasantly surprised. The girls were actually giving cat-calls.. :) No .. I swear, I am serious.
Y even had a girl approach him, boldly and start talking with him. Another one got his autograph too.. :) :D :P .. I swear, all of this is true.. :) :D. Only saving grace was that we weren't mobbed. (Thank god, I was in one of my disguises.. :) :P.. Otherwise, I wonder, how many girls would have dropped dead... :P .. Pun Intended.. :) :D)

This was followed by Ice-Cream, and then off to the Alexandria Library. Unfortunately we picked the wrong time. So we decided to take only photos, and leave the place. Which We did. Plenty of Photographs there.

We had a look at the Great Language Wall, where, it is rumored that the 600sq.m wall, has alphabets from every language in the world. It was true for Tamizh. Likewise for Kannada, Telugu and Punjabi too.

There was a sundial present at the library, that showed the time, quite accurately, based on your own shadow. !!!
Followed by a trip down to Mohammed Ahmed for Koshary actually, but it was too crowded and we were damn tired. So we made good with Ahmed's Falafel.

This was then followed by a trip to the Catacombs at Alexandria. It was actually quite good. Cameras were prohibited. So, that was the slightly disappointing part. But We still managed to sneak peek. :) :D

After that, I had four glasses of sugarcane juice, that left everybody commenting that, I had some kind of addiction towards sugarcane, to which I kept saying, I am so sweet, that even sugarcane tastes tasteless !!! :P :D

Then, we were supposed to be going to Jewelry Museum and the National Museum, which were unfortunately, closed on that day. So we had to make do with the Al Maamoura Palace Gardens, that overlooked the Mediterranean sea.

After the Palace, it was the time for Alexandria beach. The water was darn cold !!!! But worthwhile experience.

P.S:- அடுத்த தடவை பிளான் பண்ணி பண்ணனும் ஓகே ??

Sunday, April 18, 2010 by Hari
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  1. When am I getting to go to Egypt???

    Keep posting more...

    "Thank god, I was in one of my disguises.. :) " - HA HA HA :)

  2. You will definitely get a chance... wait for some time...

    Will definitely post more...

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