Hurt Locker - Raw !!!

Just finished watching the Hurt Locker. Its Raw, with a Capital R.

Its the story of the EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) Team, that goes about diffusing bombs in Iraq.

William James replaces Thompson as the Team Leader, who is killed in action, while trying to diffuse an IED. James unconventional methods irritate the Sergeants Sanborn and Owen. How James diffuses bombs and what adventures they have during the course of their work together is the story of Hurt Locker.

Mindblowing movie. I especially loved the Camera Angles and the slight shakiness at times. Its a totally different movie. Nothing like you've ever seen before. Hard hitting and yet simple and to the point.

Jeremy Renner as James steals the show as the cool war veteran who has diffused more than 800 bombs.

There were two scenes that stood out, for me. One is the scene where James pulls out 6 IED from a single wire that connected them, and the way he pulls them out. The other is their last assignment, where they are totally helpless in diffusing the bomb, and the guy has to die. Those were really hard-hitting.

Great Background Score. Nice Presentation. Great Movie !!!

I liked this poster :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 by Hari
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  1. I feel that hurt locker is a pretty ordinary movie, with a normal story and some good technical achievements.. in many cases lots of movies that have been hailed as marvelous, garner good reviews for no better reasons.. but because it is already stamped as 'great''marvelous''brilliant' etc and to top it - few undeserving oscars.. Of course this is a good movie(great soundtrack by marco beltrami and very nice sound effects).. but definitely far from being called marvelous... again, there is a perspective part there.. but i feel, that this movie has nothing extraordinary in it... even the story line is fairly ordinary with the touches of heart rending sequences that border on cliches.. Even the protagonist's character is the typical cool guy character(reckless yet responsible).. there is hardly any other shade to it... this case is exactly similar to 'the shawshank redemption'.. a gud movie.. but hailed as extraordinary for unknown reasons.. lots of ppl hail this decent movie just because it is already top-rated

    disclaimer: plz dont take this personal.. :) and come barging at me saying y some ppl cannot appreciate gud movies.. I would really like to know if there is any specific reason y u find this mindblowing.. :)

  2. @Roguegene :- I understand your anguish, at declaring an ordinary movie as extraordinary. Here are three reasons why I liked it.

    There was no hype around (and in) the movie, about life during war in an army. Nobody says, "We are at War ! Sir !" and goes marching. The folks treat this as part of their lives. There are more 'f's than gunshots. This is how real life is, and that is where I felt it to be raw.

    The camerawork. I appreciate good camera work. Always. The Camera can simply turn an ordinary movie into an epic. An example of this would be 'Irreversible' (Yes, the same (in)famous Monica Bellucci one) where viewers reported Nausea just for the round and round Camera view, which I found to be quite 'in the frame'.

    The soundtrack. Yes. The suspense is so palpable. And it shows in the music. I liked it that way. :)

    OK if you find mindblowing a superlative word.. here is a toned down word... Entertaining...

    As for the earlier paragraph. I empathize. Shawshank Redemption is not a 'owsome' movie. But I felt the same way for 'GodFather' too. For that matter, I loved 'Walk the Line' - IMDB rating 8. Still not up there... but I liked it.

    And no.. No offence Taken...

    Atleast I am having some readership.. :P

  3. Hmm now that's better...

    Most movies on war are anti-war testimonials. Pro war dialogues in movies, if any, are mostly present as sarcastic remarks on the futility of war. But your reason is fair enough.. :P.. If you liked this, you should try watching Full Metal Jacket and Paths of glory, both by Stanley kubrick.
    As for the camera work, I like it systematically ascetic and this was a bit turgid for my taste, but was remarkable nevertheless. And Irreversible..Ah, I could never complete it, but only watch it as scenes ;)

    Gud to know that you feel the same way towards Shawshank redemption.. And i liked walk the line too.. every avid movie watcher, crosses a particular point in his life... when he realises and comprehends that.. IMDB is unreliable :)
    But Godfather is definitely a better movie.. The novel was decent, but the movie was exquisite.. I liked it for many of Coppola's directorial flourishes, that i was able to appreciate other than the story..and they grow on me with time.. and it definitely deserves a place in top.. :)

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