The Journey Goes On ....

O.K. There have been too many comments on the fact that I have been posting only about Cairo for a long time, and nothing in general. The sad truth is I don't have anything extra to say right now.

For those who really want to know, what I am doing... Here goes..

I am not finding the time to watch movies, (atleast as frequently) as I used to, and I am usually a lot more tired than I am supposed to be. Yes. I am doing some reading. But make that some, quite little. Doing it whenever I can.

Currently Reading Snow - By Orhan Pamuk. Just started. Only 14 pages into it. Hope to finish atleast half the book by week-end. :)

Busily forming the plot of a Political - Thriller, the likes of which have never ever been seen in Indian Cinema. (இதுக்காக.. நான் சவுத் ஆப்ரிக்கன் படமோ இல்ல.. போர்துகீஸ் படத்தையோ rewrite பண்ணல்ல ..சொந்த கதை பா ...ஒரு கலைஞன வளர விட மாட்டேன்குரீங்களே பா .. :) )

Also writing, whenever I find the time, The War series for Mahabharata, for G, that is currently being circulated among my inner circle of office colleagues. That will soon be on my blog..but first let me finish.. :) :D

Trying to roam around Cairo whenever I can. Getting material for Cairo Diaries :P and Enna Kodumai Sir Ithu Moments... :) :D...

Trying to fine-tune my cookery skills and at the same time trying to reduce my 'online' time as much as possible, so that I can do more things in the same time.. :) :D

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 by Hari
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