Of Quizzes, Answers and Destiny ... Part 6

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First of all, thanks a million to all those people, who have been reading my Quizzes Answers and Destiny Posts. Your encouragement is actually encouraging me to odachify a lot more kuttus.. :P (Not just mine.. But others' too)

O.K... This one's gonna be my favorite Destiny post.
I've decided to split this post into two. There is not much of 'drama' in this one. :). Read on.

When I was in +1, there was reshuffling of my class, and a lot of people had joined my school, and yes, there was good excitement. It was precisely at this point of time, that Part 3 and Part 4 had happened. So all the newcomers kind of actually knew me. There was this one girl, who actually impressed me. But as you very well know, there cannot be two swords in one scabbard, there were face-offs. Ugly ones. Finally ending at a point, where we couldn't stand each other. It was at this juncture that destiny had a part to play.

The Vice Principal called me up to office and informed me that I would be going to take part in a Quiz competition that was to be held a week later in one of the neighbouring schools. The point here was that, this was a multi-school event with Rolling Trophies and accolades and Local Media Coverage. Every School would send its best teams here just for the attention that the schools would get. The VP also said that she needed some more names for the other competitions from my class.

I now asked the V.P, who would be my quiz partner, to which she replied,

'Touchwood, We don't have scarcity of quizzers, do we Hari ? Anybody is fine with me, as long as you are comfortable. Why not S ?'

Oh Shit !!! She need not given me that last statement. Fine. Apparently she had a soft corner for him. So it was S who was going to be my Quiz Partner. Perhaps for the last time in our lives.

Now, I had already mentioned, to V.P the names of one of my friends, P, for 'Word-Flair' and one more candidate was required. To be frank, My mind said that I should be suggesting V's name. But, my heart said, to give this girl's name. She would not let me or the school down. I knew it instinctively. She was good. Real Good. And as I've mentioned before, I really appreciate good talent, if there is a word like that. So I went ahead and recommended this girl's name to the VP. At this point of time, I very well knew that I was not on talking terms with this girl.
But I was standing in front of the V.P. The Goody Goody boy never says No to his teachers, and never to the highest echelons of power !!! (:P). So I became a 'Yes-Man'.

After the meeting, as I came out of the room, I was cursing myself, 'How the heck are you going to tell her this ?' 'What if she says no ?' ' How would the VP react ?' 'The whole class would go about teasing me, about the loss of my face and how one girl outrightedly refused Hari's request to attend a competition.' I knew somehow, this girl now had the power to make or break the next two years of my school life. I hate it when somebody gets this kind of control over MY life. :( :( ... But I didn't have any options. அடிமை !!! சிக்கிட்டேன் !!!!

As all these comments were running through my mind, I asked P to talk to this girl, and convince her. P playfully refused, stating that I got into this shit, and that I had committed to V.P even before asking for that girl's permission and I should be the one who should be ideally going around to convince the girl. So as usual, the proverbial shit fell on me.

Before I go ahead, there is some more drama to twist this episode. After I recommended this girl's name to V.P, and contemplating how to tell this to the Girl, V came up and said to me, that there was an announcement in class about this Inter-School Competition, and that those who were interested were supposed to give their names to me. This was an official announcement in a circular sent by the V.P. Damn that lady. She rocks the cradle and pinches the child !!! (Sorry.. கொஞ்சம் உணர்ச்சிவச பட்டுட்டேன்.... கொழந்தையும் கிள்ளிட்டு தொட்டிலும் ஆட்டரதுனா இது தான்...)So, now V was after me, to add him in the Quiz competition, but I was not in a position to say Yes. So I told him plainly, that V.P. Ma'm had chosen S over him. Though I did feel guilty that I did not stand up and ask V.P. for V, I was not quite sure about the relationship between myself and V. It was a complicated one. One that was neither love-hate or win-win. Anyway, Let me continue. Now V began to act desperately. He said,

'Is there any other competition, where I can participate. I heard there was Word Flair. Maybe I can try there ?'

Now I was truly caught in the trap. I decided to break the truth.

'I have recommended P's and her name for Word Flair.'

'P's is fine. But her ?'

'What's wrong with her. I feel that she is better than most of us. Definitely way ahead of you or me or even S in that matter, in this genre. So why not ?'

'You are not even on talking terms with her...'

'So ?? Does it mean, that I show apathy ? Do I tell V.P. 'Look Ma'm. I give a shit about the results of the competition, All I want is my best friend to participate ?'

He was pretty much pissed off. But he maintained his cool. He asked me,

'Have you told her that she is participating ?'


'No ? Then how do you plan to get her to the competition.?'

'I think that's my headache. Isn't it ?'

'Look I am your friend. You still have a chance to give me a chance. I will talk to V.P. I can get this sorted out. Don't do this to me.'

At this point of time, I contemplated the thought for a moment. Then decided against it.

'No Da. Let me talk to her first. Then we'll see.'

'What if she says no ?'

'Then I will come back to you. And you can still be part of the competition.'

I am sure, he spent the next 36 hours feverishly praying for her to decline the offer.

The competition was scheduled on the 24th of November. Till the evening of 21st I had not informed this girl that the competition was there. I was getting butterflies in my stomach. 22nd flew by. No action. Now I was seriously in a big soup. 23rd afternoon, V.P. called me and told me, to inform all participants that there would be a school bus to pick us up from school and drop us at the competition venue. I came back to my class. This was going to be an act that required a lot of mental strength for me.

I asked her,

'Are you coming ?'

Her first reaction was on her face in split second. 'WTF ?, What is he asking ?'

'Pardon me ?'

I swallowed once.

'Are you coming for a competition that is scheduled tomorrow.'

'What competition ?'

'Its called Word Flair. Something to do with English'

I felt dumb when I said that. As if she didn't knew this.

'O.K. I can come. But who put my name in there ?'

Shit. The least expected question.

'I did.'

I smiled a sheepish smile, and moved ahead. So finally, she was coming. So Mission Face-Save was over. Now V comes up to me to ask, if she had said OK or not. I told him that she was OK and was coming for the competition. He was disappointed, but there was nothing I could do.

...To be Continued.

P.S:- I would love to write more.. But I want the post to be readable. There is much more interesting stuff coming up !!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010 by Hari
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