Raavan - Scintillating !!!

Writing this, as I am listening to Raavan's songs (in Hindi) for the third time.

I am already humming three of the 6 tracks. :)

I am liking 4 of the 6 tracks.

Beera - Main voice by Vijay Prakash. This is the song that is doing the rounds on the Trailer. It is kind of Trailerish. Not the sort you would expect in a movie. The song praises Beera. Going by the wordings, I think this is Abhishek (Raavan's) entry song. Very interesting composition :)

Behene De - Main Voice Karthik. Hey !! Great work. Much much better thaan 'Jiyaa Se Jiyaa'.

Thok Di Killi - Main voice Sukhwinder Singh. As usual, the man rocks. So does the song !!!

Kata Kata - Typical Rahman Number. Very interesting !! Mix of voices. Great chemistry of voices.

Other two songs. Ranjhaa Ranjhaa and Khile Re - Sound like 'Virah Taap' kind of songs. Slow. They haven't grown on me, yet. :)

Maybe after a couple of weeks.

Must Listen !!!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010 by Hari
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