To All those ...

.... people,who have been complaining, or felt, that I have not communicated to them, that I was leaving to Cairo.. Please note ..

I gave a courtesy call and a follow up call to all of you. None of you bothered to call back or even inquire, how I was or what I was doing. You decided to go on with your life, as if I did not exist and that is precisely what I want now. Please go ahead. I seriously give it a damn !!!!

This is precisely the reason, why I did not bother to mail or call anyone for their birthdays. You can take it in the manner, that probably, I don't deserve it. Probably I don't deserve such shit as well !!! :) :D

So, if you have hard feelings... go ahead... I'm not bothered... !!!! :) :D

Thursday, April 15, 2010 by Hari
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  1. ello....odambu eppadi iruku??

  2. I am good. How about you ?

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