25000 - Not Out !!!

OK... First of all.. Thanks for making this happen...

It has literally been a dream come true... I never imagined that this day would come, when I typed out this post.

Today, 1097 days later... (I am just 5 days short of celebrating the third birthday of this blog... That I haven't bothered about this the last two years is an entirely (in)different topic :P)... 25000 visitors (O.K.. I am changing the term.... Pageloads ) have visited my blog. An average of 23 Pageloads a day !!!

My last milestone was that of 20,000 visitors. That was on February 10th. OK..Second 5000 has been slightly slow... 8 days slow to be precise..Hey, but I was travelling and took me some time to adjust and of course all those Cairo Diaries were not fabricated out of thin air.. !!! They took a lot of weekends too.. So considering all of that, not bad.. !! :)

The highlight of this acheivement is that my blog was dormant, for a period of almost 10 months from September 2008 till August 2009. And the posts before that were utter crap... (you know how they are..so I won't comment). So effectively, I've started blogging only after August 2009. That was when I had this sudden realisation ... (O.K.. ஞானோதயம்) My blog statistics clearly indicate this.

This is indeed a milestone post for me. With this, I feel, as if I've attained something great !!! I remember this particular mail which I sent to a number of people in my delivery list, which was like, you know, thanking people for visiting my blog and making it happen.. Making what happen ?? 100 visitors.. :) :D !!!!!

Jun 7, 2007

150 Visitors in just 72 Hours
This is incredible support people....
My visitors count now stands at 251 as at 8.57 PM June 7th
Thanks for the wonderful support and encouragement. Please keep this going,,
Thanks a LOt

Note :- I got my first 100 visitors after 25 days !!! Today, I get a 100 visitors everyday !!! God has been kind towards to me.. And of course, my readers have been very kind too.. !!! :) :D

I pray to the almighty that You and I might live to see every 5000th visitor till we reach 100,000 visitors and then aim for the next 100,000 visitors.. :) :D

As I mentioned in my First post...

It has been a wonderful journey. And i'm sure it'll continue to be.

P.S:- இவன் அடங்கவே மாட்டானானு நீங்க யோசிக்கறது .. எனக்கு புரியுது ...
P.P.S:- இத படிச்சிட்டு... இவனுக்கு ப்ளாக் ஸ்டாடிஸ்டிக்ஸ் பார்க்கறது தவிர வேற வேலையே இல்லையானு நீங்க கேக்க கூடாது ... அப்டி கேட்டீங்கன்னா.. எனக்கு அப்போ கூட கோபமே வராது ... :P
P.P.P.S:- அண்ணேன் இப்போ தானே ஆரம்பிச்சிருக்கேன் ...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 by Hari
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