Cairo Diaries - 12

OK.. Here is some actual update on the Cairo Diaries.. I know you must have got bored with all those photos, but actually, those are all that I have right now.

Two weeks back, we went on a trip to Ain Sukhna. Its actually a beach that overlooks the Red Sea. A 140 km drive from Cairo towards the East, leads to this wonderfully quiet place. Its only about 40 kms away from Suez. So the roads were full of heavy-duty traffic, not the kind of tourist traffic that you would like to see.

After we reached the place, there was a slight confusion at the resort, as we were guests to a particular person, and the host had given us full freedom to access his flat that overlooked the beach. So that's what we did. Took full advantage !!!

பாத்ரூம நாசம் பண்ணோம் ..!!! கல்யாண சத்திரத விட கேவலமான நெலமையில விட்டுட்டு வந்தோம்... நல்ல வேலை.. எங்க ஹோஸ்ட் எங்க கூட வரல.. இல்லனா ..ரத்த கண்ணீர் விட்டுருப்பாரு...

Finally, all of us got the act together. Myself and K ran ahead to துண்டு போட்டுfy on the beach. அட.. காமெடி பண்ணல்லபா.. நெசமா... !!! Before the others could come, I grabbed a photo.

After this, was a full 2 hours of complete-nonstop-saltwater excitement. Dance/Games/Songs and of course, hundreds of snaps !!! Best part here is, I learned how to float !!! Yes.. !!!

சேரி.. நா ஒத்துகறேன்... நான் கொஞ்சம் வெயிட் ஜாஸ்தி தான்... அதுக்குன்னு..என்னால தண்ணீல மேதக்க முடியாதுண்ணு நீங்க தப்பு கணக்கெல்லாம் போட கூடாது ... கிழ இருக்கிற போட்டோ தான் ஆதாரம் !!!

After that, we felt so hungry, that we were ready to catch the fish and eat. (For those of you who know me... You know how I exaggerate things.. For those of you who don't know me.. Know that I tend to kind of blow up things... பில்ட்அப் குடுத்து fy ) So we went shopping !! For Food !!! Can you believe that ? I didn't too. But then I realised that I was the one who was paying the bills, so I didn't actually have to pinch myself. We had some good food, with Foul (No !!! Not the Chicken Variant.. That's Fowl !!!!) and Khaboos, and some salad, that we made ourselves. Nice lunch. A siesta for about 20 minutes, and second round of water :) It was actually great.

The second round ended around 6:30. The water had actually begun to become damn cold. We actually had some great (and hilarious) snaps. Especially This and This !!! After that, we decided that it was time to go home.

So we left at around 8 from Ain Sukhna and reached Carrefour. Did some shopping (for my flat) and left the place, after having a good dinner !!! When we reached home, it was about 2:30 at night. And trust me, when I say this, the traffic on the road was as heavy as it would be, if it was 8 in the night.

Great Day that was !!! செம்ம தண்ணி ... !! (அட.. நா கடல் தண்ணிய சொன்னபா.. யப்பா.. ஒரு வார்த்தை தப்பா வந்திட கூடாதே ... !!!)

P.S:- Watch out for those hilarious moments in Enna Kodumai Sir Ithu Posts !!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010 by Hari
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  1. Hi Hari,

    Seems u r having a gr8 time @ Cairo, unlike Muscat :) :P Njoy....

    How about an article on Cairo for Muscat Daily?

  2. Hi Anand,
    gr8 time in Cairo is a relative time.. Compared to the (horrid) time (work - wise) I had at Muscat, this is indeed great !!! :) :D

    Article for Muscat Daily.. ? Cairo Daily is what I am looking at.. :P Just kidding.. I've lost contact with them.. So not quire in the picture.. Let me see... :) Thanks for suggestion...

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