Of Quizzes, Answers and Destiny ... Part 8

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Once again, I thank all the people, who have been reading this series, and have been encouraging me with their kind words.

This incident happened about 7 months after the First Part. It may sound exaggerated. So putting up the warnings and disclaimers now. BTW this has already been documented in my chronicles.

This was one major incident, which kind of literally cemented my spot as the 'First choice' for quizzes. During 1999, one day, during the Assembly, a ma'm made an announcement for a quiz selection. It was to be held on 3rd floor at 3:30 PM. V and myself went to the classroom.

The classroom was a total chaos. There were about 50 people in it. About 20-22 guys and girls from +1 and about 12-15 guys from X std. The remaining were all 8ths and 9th standards. All of them had come to participate for the quiz. V and myself looked at each other, and swallowed hard. It was going to be tougher than we had expected it to be.

Revathy Ma'm came at 4 PM. She started the quiz. She actually wanted to finish the 'chottus' so that she could concentrate on the higher classes. So she pooled 8th and 9th standards together. In about 10 minutes the results were quite obvious. V and myself were more than a handful for the others. They had to leave. V and myself stayed back for next 'round'

Next round was with X's. Revathy Ma'm tried quite hard to 'eliminate' us. Questions became tougher. V and myself were fielding bouncers and half volleys. :)

The question that moved us ahead was
'Which is the loneliest island in the world ?'
The answer was Tristan Da Cunha. Its off the coast of Africa, mid Atlantic.

Revathy ma'm was impressed. She decided to push us further. Then there was blood. The +1s were not as jujubi's as I had expected them to be. But, we were equally good. Both drew blood. It was actually a photo finish with the +1's. After this, there were only five people in the room. V, Revathy Ma'm, One +2 guy, One X guy and myself.

Revathy ma'm had already decided that the Xth guy and +2guy were going for the quiz. The audition was merely an eye wash and a filter to identify budding talent. Though I kind of knew it from the beginning, I wanted to prove a point. I stayed on. Fought hard. I was of the opinion, that even if I did not get selected, I would atleast get noted.

After a lot of deliberation, Revathy Ma'm decided that she wanted me in the quiz, and told this to the Xth standard guy. Obviously he was disappointed. He tried to tell ma'm that he had taken time out of his special classes and tests to come for this quiz. But Revathy Ma'm stood her ground. The guy had to relent. But he was obviously very disappointed, but he took it quite sportingly. That's what I liked about him, and that i the reason, I remember him till date. I can never ever be that sportive.

What happened after that ?

The quiz for which I had actually auditioned was a TV Quiz. To be aired on Doordarshan. I came to know this, only the next day, just before we boarded the train to Beach. I was thrilled to bits !!! :)

That quiz was actually a damp squib in my opinion. Semma boring questions. And all passes went to the strongest team. :(. So we came second. I still remember three or four questions from that quiz. After this quiz, I became Revathy Ma'm's favorite. She praised me sky high in the staff-room, and soon the teachers began to take note.

Following this 'dramatic' win, I was now the most 'sought-after-artiste' (If I may call myself that :P). [I refused to do compering during my school days, mainly because I was not offered it initially :)] Quizzes, Essay Writing, Science Exhibitions, Slogan Writing, Debates, Oratorical Contests, Plays.. You name it, I was there. I was in-demand through out the year. Teachers loved me, because I never gave them any excuses. I was ready for everything.. :) :D

P.S:- Next one will be a good one. I promise :P :)

P.P.S:- I remember atleast two or three questions from each quiz that I have taken part in, Till Date. :) :D

Monday, May 24, 2010 by Hari
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