RobinHood - The Unknown Story !!!

Just back after watching Robinhood at City Center. The place is a 20 minute walk from my place. Quite Good. I liked the ambience of the Theater (Theater4 to be precise). More like Home Cinema kind of feel.

O.K..Coming to the point.. The movie is good. I won't waste keystrokes trying to tell the story here. Wiki Does it far better than me Here.

Since there is a heated debate going on in the United Kingdom on the origin and authenticity of RobinHood, the whole story of RobinHood is more of a legend than an actual event happening. Hence the director has decided to go ahead with a general dose of his own 'assumptions' or should I call it creative liberty, in making the story flow.

There is action, There is drama, There is good Camera Work.. Good Background score.. If only they had worked more on the storyline. And definitely they need not have misled the audience in the first five minutes of the movie, when they posted that this is the story of the man, who decided to Rob the rich and give to the poor. I was all like, RobinHood is going to jump from some tree and fight with all the baddies.. But he did jump from trees.. He did shoot arrows.. Sharp ones.. :)

Overall - Though this is not something that you expected from the man who made Gladiator, This is Good. :)

P.S:- This is my second movie in theatres after watching Avatar. The first one was 'Kartik Calling Kartik'

Friday, May 21, 2010 by Hari
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