Cairo Diaries - 18

I actually have a lot to say, but will just mention the comedy that has been going on in the last couple of days...

Apparently the building in which I was working developed some cracks on Friday afternoon, due to which the organisation decided to shift its location to some remote location outside Cairo. Apparently that 'remote location' falls under the Banking District in '6th October City' (Yes.. That is the name of the city.

Now this city is apparently 45 kilometres from the place where I stay, and from what I get to hear, is a separate district by itself. The journey takes a whopping 1.5 hours, and to say the least, half of the time, is just to cross the border of Cairo. Throw in the fact that it is 45 degree Celsius outside, and that there are five people in the car, when only four are supposed to be sitting and the fact that our driver refuses to switch the AC cooling beyond level 2, it is quite evident that there is apparently nothing I can do.

On enquiring with the 'concerned' people, the response that I get is pretty much lame, and 'so-called' diplomatic. 'Everybody is facing the same problems as you are. We are trying to find some solution'. I do not call such replies diplomatic.. I call them spineless.

Anyway... cutting back to the point, when we reach there, we find that nothing has happened there. No network.. No PC's. No Nothing. So what do we do over there ? I sit and watch 'Kathal Pagadai'. Read a couple of books. Nothing much. We leave the place at about 4 or 4:30 and get back home by 6:30. Best part here is that there is no provision for food. For folks who bring in their own food, this should not be a problem, but for others...

அந்த இடம் ஒரு தண்ணி இல்லா காடு. சுத்தி ஒரு ரெண்டு கிலோமீட்டருக்கு ஒரு பாய் கடை கூட இல்ல. நான் ரெண்டு கிலோமீட்டர் நடந்தா தான், எனக்கே சோறு. அதுவும் என்னது ? அதே ரொட்டியும், கீரவடையும் தான் ...

எனக்கு ரெண்டு பேரு மேல கோபம்.
இந்த ஐடியா குடுத்தவன் மேலையும்... எங்க சைட்ல இந்த ஐடியாவ ஓகே பண்ணவன் மேலையும்.

டே.. டாஷுன்களா ஒரு தடவைக்கு ரெண்டு தடவை, யோசிக்க மாட்டீங்களா ?

என்னமோ... நாசமா போங்க...!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 by Hari
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  1. I had nothing to say about your 'onsight' experience.. but have one question..

    டே.. டாஷுன்களா - What is the meaning of this?

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