राजनीति - damp squib

Watched Rajneeti last night.
Damp Squib. Nothing as was hyped about.
There was absolutely nothing in the movie. (atleast for me.)
Its the same old story. Family Feud. Who wins, Who loses.

OK, here is the story. Arjuna decides to get his Draupadi married to Yudhishtra for the fact that Drupada wants his daughter to be the Queen of the Kuru kingdom, since Drupada would be financing, provided Yudhishtra was winning the throne. Arjuna relinquishes his love for Draupadi to make sure, his brother and his family win the elections. Duryodhana defends Karna in front of his council, winning his heart. Both the parties play the election game. Krishna is the perfect diplomat. Karna kills Yudhishtra and Arjuna's first love in a car bomb. As a revenge. Arjuna stages a coup of sorts with an 'encounter' and manages to kill Duryodhana and Karna. Since Yudhishtra is dead, Arjuna decides to win the sympathy vote and support his Draupadi.
End of Story.

According to me, this is a total insult to mahabharata. Could have been taken better.
They could have given some nice item song for Draupadi. :)

P.S:- Of course, the most awesome dialogue in the movie is ले गयी विधवा सब समेत के !!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010 by Hari
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  1. "They could have given some nice item song for Draupadi"

    Indha punch dialogue, punch dialogue-nu solluvangale, idhu than ya adhu...

    Mukavasi India valibargal indha recommenation-a amodhipanga....Nanum than... :P :D

  2. valibargalnnu pottutu, naanum thaannu pottutu.. ipdi oxymoron aakiteengalae Anand.. :P :D

  3. Idha naan edhirpathen...Hrithik Roshan-a vida 3 vaisu kammi enaku...

    By the by, en ponnu, Hari uncle-ku "hello" solla sonna :P :)

  4. enakku ithu thevai thaan... :)

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