If the Buddha Dated - Charlotte Kasl - Poor !!!

There are two types of books. Ones that you want to read and don't find the time, and the other, are the bad books. The bad books are the ones you wasted your time on, resulting in you not having the time to read the good books.

The adage, Do not judge a book by its cover, perfectly suits the Book, 'If the Buddha Dated' by Charlotte Kasl. Before I begin, the reason why I read the book, was not because I wanted some tips on dating.. :) but for the fact that I found the cover quite attractive. Alas, except for the cover and some interesting quotes from the book, it failed to make me latch on to it.

The book is all about tips and suggestions and blah-blah stuff, that tell you how you must realise the power of sending out signals into the universe and how you will be able to get a good partner, just by mentally thinking about your desire.

Apart from the below mentioned points, I regret to say, I did not find anything worth.

Things are always changing—our thoughts, cells, hormones, hairline, consciousness, relationships, and the landscape around us. Instead of trying to freeze the present moment and hang onto it, we need to remember that life is a process of constantly letting go. The ego wants dependable rituals and people who stay the same. But to be free means that we enjoy
this touch, this kiss, this sunrise, and then let it go. This is sometimes described as not letting the ground under your feet get too solid, not grasping for security or predictability.

Our longing is also our desire to be known completely. Imagine having your beloved look tenderly into your eyes, knowing all your secrets, having seen you be crabby and sweet, selfish and generous, and still truly loving you. Imagine being able to do the same. That is the potential of a conscious relationship. Our ego may fight this exploration because it wants to hold onto cherished beliefs about who we are, what is right, and what we need. We move toward love and suddenly our ego throws up a wall. Danger, back off. The ego fears surrender. Our soul, however, longs for us to crack our shells, leap in the ocean, and become naked to ourselves and others. In doing so we become free to experience all that is within us: the power of our sexuality and passion, creativity, generosity, and tenderness along with the parts of us that are whiny, afraid, dependent, controlling, empty, violent, or needy—not to
mention the parts of us that may sink to new depths of sneakiness and manipulation.

It might help to remember that at an energy level, win or lose its all the same: our tears of joy and tears of pain are both one energy, the flow of who we are. We can either bargain, hold back, and hang onto comfort and security, or we can take a deep breath, and say take me, and leap into the fire.

It’s not being turned down or left alone on a Saturday night that causes pain, it’s the meaning we give to these events and our demand that such things not happen.

it can help to remind ourselves of a basic truth: some people will like us and some people won’t. Everyone is seeing each other through the stories they create. You. Me. Everyone. No matter how hard we try, we will fit with some people and not others. So you might as well give up dancing in someone else’s shoes, and just be yourself. That way, you’ll be less lonely, you’ll become a good friend to yourself, and your feet won’t hurt.

When you say good-bye to someone or decide not to see them again, remember you are a moment in their story. Make it a story that doesn’t leave a scar.

But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires:
To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.
To know the pain of too much tenderness.
To be wounded by your own understanding of love;
And to bleed willingly and joyfully.

Fusion, the opposite of differentiation, is when we become enmeshed with someone. They have a headache, we take the aspirin. They’re out of a job, we read the want ads. In many families, fusion is mistaken for love

When pain exists between two people, it means we’re holding onto our illusion of
separateness and we can’t see through the shell of our personalities to the essence of each other.

...remember, no one is the “wrong” person, they are just not what you want.

...how can you love and understand passion if you have taken a vow against it? A vow is a form of resistance, and what you resist ultimately conquers you....

"You’re clutching to this relationship to feel secure, but security comes from completely letting go of all control and allowing yourself to feel whatever you fear. You are trying to create solid ground under your feet so you don’t have to experience being alone, but if you would let go, you’d find that the emptiness you fear is really a still and restful place.”
“But what do I do with this anxiety?”
“Do nothing. Sit with it quietly, feel your breath. Then ask yourself the truly important question: Why are you so afraid of someone leaving you or of being alone? Be more honest. It’s the only refuge you have.”

Someone who doesn’t make flowers makes thorns. It you’re not building rooms where wisdom can be openly spoken, you’re building a prison.

P.S:-இந்த புஸ்தகத்துல, படிக்கிற மாதிரி இருக்கிற எல்லா வரிகளையும் மேல போட்டாச்சு .. இத படிச்சிட்டு அத்தோட விட்டுடுங்க... பூக்க படிச்சு நேரத்தை வீண் அடிக்காதீங்க ...

P.P.S:- பூக்கு, செம்ம செம்ம மொக்க... !!! இந்த பூக்க publish பண்ணி 11 வருஷம் ஆக போகுது ... என் தலைஎழுத்து.. இந்த மாதிரி பூக்கெல்லாம் படிச்சு டைம் வேஸ்ட் பண்ணிட்டு இருக்கேன் ...

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