An Interview with CoolShiv !!!

In the weeks that were, many interesting questions actually floated around in my mind, and I thought I needed to shoot them at somebody, an intellectual, in my definition. So I got hold of CoolShiv. He is currently pursuing a Masters at Great Lakes, and is really busy .. :P
Had to wait for 48 hours before he was available. for this interview... :) :D

Questions might sound a little off track, so kindly excuse if they are bouncers..

If you were to choose between the two, Narcissicm or Self-Pity ? Reasons ....
Narcissism. Simply because of the alternative I have here. I have experienced the bad consequences of self-pity many a time to wallow in it again!

One character you really admired and one character you really despised in Fiction. Reasons...
Character I admire - Hermione. She is simply the ideal girl to me. A little bossy, a little nerdy, a little experimental and bold. Need I say more?
Character I despised - Seriously unable to think of any.

One book that you really wish you had read (i.e you haven't read till date and badly want to read it) and one book that you really wish you hadn't read. Reasons...
Book I wish I had read - The ideal classic novel - I always pick up a classic with a lot of expectations. Mostly when I complete one, they do get met but leave a void, a feeling of wanting much more. That has been a constant so far. Any suggestions would help.
Book I wish I hadn't read - 'The White Tiger' - One of the few times, my instinct couldn't tell me that it was a bad book to buy. I brought it and curse myself even now for having made such a stupid decision!

Difference between morality and ethics (in your opinion ?)
Morality is the ideal. A set of values that forever seem elusive for mortals to grasp but to which all of us should aspire to live up to.
Ethics are more practical. Ethics are to do with listening to your conscience and acting.

If you were given the power to delve into someone's mind and know that person's darkest secrets and weaknesses, whose mind would you probe into and why ? (Need not name if it is not nameble)
I would delve into my brother's mind. There seems to be a huge gulf that has developed between us ever since I came to Bangalore and he went to Thanjavur. I would like to know what went wrong and where.

Do you think it is possible to be detachedly attached in this material world ? Yes or No ? Reasons...
Yes. Very much. By being non-judgmental, every time, a opinion gets formed about a person, by questioning the foundations of the opinion until it crystallizes. Once that is taken care of, we would automatically not act possessive, give each person his space, and feel contented in any relationship.
As for material comforts, I have never attached myself to any of them. At times, I get astonished that I am not like that. But somehow, I am confident that I would be able to lead a life of a true simpleton any day.

Who do you think should propose first,, The guy or the Girl ?
The guy. The man woos and the woman accepts. I wouldn't want to change that. Something gets lost if I even attempt to take a re-look - some innocence and some beauty, something so subtle to lend to easy definition.

If you came to know god was just a lazy hippopotamus bathing in the backwaters of Kerala, would you still continue to believe in him ?
Yes. I would. There is, all said and done, an anchor that human beings need to behave within the bounds of rationality. Otherwise, in the absence of fear masquerading as faith, things would go out of hand.

Do you believe in an eye for an eye principle ? Yes or No ? Reasons...
I don't believe if it is crudely put. However I believe in 'Reciprocal Altruism'. I would act in a cooperative and benevolent manner, but if I am not accorded a response that is befitting my action, I wouldn't take that injustice lying down.

How many idlis do you think you can eat in a single sitting... (No reasons required :))
6 flowery spongy idlis bathed in cocunut chutney and sambar.

To be frank, I enjoyed the answers as much as I enjoyed framing the questions, and thankfully I got the right guy to answer my questions.

P.S:- For more details on Reciprocal Altruism, Click Here.

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P.P.P.S:- With this interview, Coolshiv, finally becomes a tag on my blog. :) :P

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  1. Very interesting and quirky questions and honest, true to the heart answers..:)

    If you came to know god was just a lazy hippopotamus bathing in the backwaters of Kerala, would you still continue to believe in him ?

    -that had me in splits

  2. @roguegene :- Thanks ... Game for an interview ?:) :D

    Trust me, You'll be surprised :) :D

  3. Hmm, I am definitely tempted to answer those witty questions.. :)
    I am game..

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