An Interview with RogueGene !!!

O.K.. Its official now. I have gone into the interviewer mode. :)

A set of questions for RogueGene

One dish that you would eat, even if you were offered it by getting rudely awoken at an odd hour in the night
-I am a foodie. It is difficult to choose just one dish. If I have to choose one dish, it would be Chilly Parota, that too Hosur special tied with Chana Pulav(My Sister's speciality).

Do you think it is ok to 'live with what you get' , when you have not got what you've wanted. (Could be a girl/Career)
-Is it OK?? Ofcourse it is OK to live with what you get. But I believe that one should try to reach what one wants and give at least a fair fight. Losing to fate in the fight is not a fault. But it is a fault, not to have tried at all.

How much do you think we could have influenced Hollywood, if only Matrix was an Indian movie ?
-As one of my favorite director Billy Wilder would say, "An audience is never wrong. An individual member of it may be an imbecile, but a thousand imbeciles together in the dark - that is critical genius ". There is no difference between an indian imbecile or an imbecile of any other nationality. The baseline is that when a good movie gets a good audience, it will definitely get what it deserves. Had matrix been made in India, it would have been certainly influential, may be to lesser degree, not because it was made in India, but because not many hollywood audiences might get to watch it.

If today was the last day of your life, and in fact the last minute, and you were allowed to send one last email, to whom would it be addressed ? (Need not name if it cannot be named)

-I am not going to say my family, I wont be mailing them as they are not available on mail. I am going to consider only folks whom I can mail. I would be mailing my very good friend from College. Thinking back, I have been influenced more by him than most, than I would care to admit. My subconscious wants to believe that it is self evolved and it would not want me acknowledging his due credits. I have been fickle many a times with him and I have never properly acknowledged him. A proper apology and a heartfelt goodbye mail to him.

Whose popularity and appeal lasts longer ? Books on whom movies have been made ? or the movies themselves ?
-For me, there is not much difference between a movie and a movie based on a book. I don't think it would be right to compare both. There is a definite chance that a movie made from a book is better, as it has already been a success in a particular media (No one makes movies from a not so popular book). But that's that, there is no other thing that differentiates them both. If I have to definitely choose, I am inclined towards movies themselves. Many of the best works out there are original cinematic creations.

Kamal/Rajini ? Mohanlal/Mamooty ? Brad Pitt/Ashton Kutcher ?
-Kamal - better actor, a good director, one of tamil films most creative mind (though many of his works are very inspired), a good technician and an intellectual. -Rajini - equally good in acting, but falls behind because he got typecast.
-Mohanlal - Recently I read something about Mohanlal and that pretty much sums up my opinion about him - "He can emote even with his back to the camera".
-Mamooty falls behind only by a few paces though.
-Brad Pitt - A charming actor.
Haven't seen much of Ashton kutcher's movies. Maybe, he is like how Pitt was 15 years ago. So no comments on him.

Your advice to budding tamizh directors ?
-I wouldnt want to give any advice as such. But I can give them suggestions. And that too, few of them are already doing a good/great job. For the rest, I would say, 'Make movies that are either funny and interesting or honest. If its both, then great. But if it is neither, then Goodbye.'

What if the Taj Mahal was never built ?

-I wonder what would Hollywood movies be showing as the backdrop, when showing a bunch of Indian people in traditional clothing, sitting and watching television, seeing global news about the impending doom that is going to destroy the earth? :)
This is one of the most clichéd and irritating scenes in movies like 2012, the day after tomorrow and the likes.

Ignoring the fact that a Masterpiece cannot be duplicated, If GodFather was to be remade, in the present day, whom do you think should play Don VitoCorleone and why ? and if Nayagan was to be remade, whom ?

-Vito Corleone - Robert DeNiro - the young vito corleone of Godfather 2 should be a good choice for that role. But I would have liked to see Laurence Olivier play that role. One of my favourite actors and also one of the first choices for that part. But alas, he is no more.
-Nayagan - Vikram would be a good choice. But to be honest I would say Dhanush. The only problem is he doesnt look the part. He is a great actor, an intelligent one, but playing the wrong roles for whatever reasons. Even the story curve and acting of Pudhupettai has many similarities to Nayagan.

The reasons why the questions were a bit towards the Cinema/Media side were that, RogueGene sees a bit too many movies, of different genres, hence the drift.

P.S:- I enjoyed the answers as much as I enjoyed framing the questions.

P.P.S:- If you would like to get featured here, Please do mail me or let me know, by commenting. :) :D

P.P.P.S:- With this interview, RogueGene, also becomes a tag on my blog. :) :P

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  1. "The reasons why the questions were a bit towards the Cinema/Media side were that, RogueGene sees a bit too many movies, of different genres, hence the drift." - Spot on, the answers are ample proof from roguegene!

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