No Point in going to B'lore ...

I called up a colleague of mine this evening and she threw a bomb-shell at me. She was moving out of Bangalore. I felt bad. Very bad.

She was probably the only thing, that made me say Yes to Bangalore whenever I was asked to travel. Now that she won't be there anymore, I wonder if I will be as enthusiastic I ever was, if I was asked to travel to Bangalore now.

:( :( :(

P.S:- Guess where she is moving to ?
A place that I swear, I will try to avoid all my life, Chennai.

P.P.S:- And no, I am not looking forward for travel to Chennai. Come Hell or High Water !!! :) :P

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 by Hari
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  1. Ahem.... i'm in Chennai

  2. Clarification :- It is not referring to you.. :) :D :P

  3. my post was in reference to "A place that I swear, I will try to avoid all my life, Chennai."

  4. My response still remains the same.. :)
    No point...
    anyway.. to be very frank, there is nobody that i know in chennai, anyway... i severed ties with the city long time back... waise the folks that i actually know are too busy to spend 'some' time with me. moreover accomodation is one shitty problem for me.. considering this, and many more other factors...

    I would be happy in Hyderabad, and perhaps Blore too..

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