Hear !! Hear !!

Heard that someone mentioned in this blog, n number of times, is going to 'Arya Desh' for higher studies, probably next week, same time..

Best of Luck, and all the best..

Heard that all the shit in his life has finally cleared up.
Not sure if the rumour about his newly found love is true or not..
But if it is ... Bery Bery Happy for you man.

So finally things are falling in place for him !! Good for you !!
Hope things are even better when you return after completing your studies.

P.S:- என்ன தான் நீயும் நானும் பெசிக்காமல் இருந்தாலும், என்னோட ஆரம்ப கால பள்ளி வாழ்க்கையில நீ எனக்கு நிறைய உதவி செஞ்சிருக்க ... அத நான் என்னிக்கும் மறக்க மாட்டேன் ... !!!

P.P.S:- நான் எதுவுமே மறக்கல, மனிக்கவும் இல்ல.. Life has to go on.. !!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010 by Hari
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