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'I Am Nujood - Age 10 and Divorced' - Delphine Minoui

When I read the blurb, I thought this would be like one of those novels where the protagonist takes on the government and then pushes them. Unfortunately the I guess I judged the book by its cover. It is an OK - OK types book.

It recalls the story of Nujood, a thirteen year old girl, in her own words. She is leading the life of a normal village girl in Yemen, when suddenly, her family circumstances lead to her getting married to a guy. The guy promises not to physically have a relationship with her, till she is fit enough. And on that pretext she is married off. Unfortunately that is not the case. And she is tortured by her husband and taunted by her in-laws. What follows next is that one day she decides to develop the courage (actually her step-mom gives it to her) to go to the court and appeal. There a lawyer called Shada decides to take up her case and fight for her. Soon support pours for the girl from all over the globe and she gets her Divorce. In the process her family get together again, with her brother Fares, who ran away when he was a kid in search of a better lifestyle, only to return back as the Prodigal son. The lives of her two sisters are all messed up with the little daughter of one of her sister being used for begging on the streets. The story ends with Nujood finally going to school and having a happy life, or atleast beginning to have a happy life.

"One cold and gray February evening in 2008, however, that appealing and mischievous grin suddenly melted into bitter tears when her father told her that she was going to wed a man three times her age. It was as if the whole world had landed on her shoulders. Hastily married off a few days later, the little girl resolved to gather all her strength and try to escape her miserable fate. ..."

I feel that this story was written keeping in mind 14-15 year olds. The language is too juvenile. The incidents are not in much detail, as if the writer herself does not want to reveal more. Nothing majorly 'path-breaking' or 'amazing' or 'owsome' about it. Good Read.

Verdict :- 5/10. Reads slightly feminist. But readable.

Saturday, July 17, 2010 by Hari
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