Of Life, Xerox and Mundane things...

This one is going to be labelled as a bizarre post. Among all the things I can (and have to) write, this one is going to be a strangely crazy yet one that is going to be close to my heart, for a long time.

I've always had an attraction to Xerox shops. I heard the term Xerox for the first time in 1996. That was when, my sister, while doing a project, told my father, that one person in her class had xeroxed the map present in the history book and blown it up neatly to make it fit for a project report and that she wanted to do the same. Though I never could make head or tail of the conversation, but I was very much captivated by the word 'X E R O X'.

So I went with them to the Xerox shop to see what was this thing called Xerox, and what I saw, impressed me big time. I was like, 'Oh My God.. !! Is this actually possible..?? How come I never came to know that this sort of a machine existed.' I was fascinated with the moving light and 'whirr-whirr' of the machine, together with the scent of that carbon ink on paper.

Would you believe it, If I were to say, that I went back home, took up the two encyclopedias that I had at home back then, and looked up this term and found out all about its workings ? Yes, I did !! And only when I got convinced that this was no magic but simple science did I rest !! :) :P

For my next assignment in 1997- It was a class project. A project on Australia. And as usual the megalomaniac in me, wanted to outshine every bugger in class. :P
And I guess I was first person to have a project with xeroxed maps. (zoomed 2X :) )

All that said and done, I did not have any limits to getting things xeroxed. As long as you could spread the book along its spine and keep it facedown on the xerox scanner, chalega.. !!! :P

If you ever wanted to know, what sort of books I have xeroxed, here goes :-
One library book - (I know, that it is quite common, but a book, that was entirely irrelevant to my stream of study, in fact, it was a semi-novel !!! :P Wanna know the title of the book ? 'Flying machines of the Ancients' and no, it was not some aeronautical related book, but a book on conspiracy theories :P. This book costs approximately some $100 on Amazon. )
A whole set of Entrance exam materials !!! (I didn't buy them, got them xeroxed. Feel very silly today, but then I felt quite justified.. :P)
One Book on Numerology. :P
Another Library book on the 48 Laws of Power [This happens to be one of my most favorite and the best Self-Help (or is it Non-Fiction) book that I have EVER read !!!]
Once a Kumudam cutting
Once a Tughlaq article !!

During my college days, I remember very clearly, I was literally the xerox champion. I never had to beg anyone for books, I already had their xerox. :P. Most of the time, I overworked on these things. I would always know, which books are being referred, look them up in the college library and then get them xeroxed, and return the books back. (So that somebody else could use it, as I did... Ah.. what noble thoughts I had back then.. !!!) To be frank, In all my 4 years of college life, whatever money that I must have spent, about 85% would have gone under xerox column. But looking back, it was worth it !!! :) :D

Saturday, July 10, 2010 by Hari
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