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24 !!!

The most awesome 24 days of my life. :)

Never felt better !!!!

The last 24 days of my life, have been the most amazing ones of my life !!!

I let myself loose. A privilege that I usually don't accord myself to. Atleast that's something that I haven't done in the last 24 years of my life. And man, what an experience it was.

For a start,

I finally let out a couple of relationship 'theories' of mine that I have been 'formulating' for a decade or so. Two of the most intelligent women I know, tried to debunk these theories in vain. I would not say that they failed. I would only say, that my theory stood its ground. Well, If I've taken a decade to formulate them, its not without some rigorous unit testing.. :P
(that they called it pure bakwas is another story altogether. :P)

I also 'propounded' three-four of my 'theories' (conspiracy theories according to the 'non-belivers') on Hinduism, religion, Gods and mythology. And I have managed to get away with them, and my colleague would put it, 'with the air of authority'.
(To my colleague who will be reading this. I was blaspheming. But don't forgive me. I am going to continue that.)

Spoke my mind on what I about thought about ------ (Fill in the blank, with any or all of the choices. The choices are politics, men, women, dating, relationships, mythology, gods, morality, immorality, and yes even Kinky stuff. :P)

Gave a colleague some real good counselling using numerology. Most of the people around were blown away by the analysis, that I made. (I may be exaggerating. Oh.. Come on, you know about me.. :P) And trust me, I never knew I was this good. :)

Confessed something about my past, that nobody knows. :P NOBODY.. !!!!
And I think that this would die over here as I am not re-telling that portion to anybody.

A part of me was reborn, as I finally found some solace, in locating a perfect peer for discussion on one of the most mundane topics of this century (atleast). I have transferred most, if not all, of my knowledge on the topic to that person. I guess, this was Karma. :P
What awesome conversations !!! What tarka !!! Hats off !!

Another part of me, found joy that I finally have some serious intellectual competition in this realm, where I previously thought, I was the most knowledgeable man. After all, what's knowledge, if you cannot show it off :P, especially when you realize that you have an equal.

I also felt humbled that there was somebody who knew as much as me, on certain topics and that your own arguments can act as a double edged sword, cutting you as much as they cut the other person.

I also got ideas for a couple of articles. The titles of which are quite controversial. :) :P

I was also stripped bare. Not literally.. please.. !! I was shown what I was. It was like, I was in front of a mirror and I was shown, that this was what I was, and this was how I came across to other people. Frankly, I liked it. :P

I finished my magnum opus - Mahabharata. Before you start wondering, I just wrote, the 18 days of war. It will get featured on this blog in a couple of day's time. And now my heart is all set to write something else. What it will be, is something everybody is eagerly anticipating.

So Am I .. :) !!!!!

The last 24 days of my life have been Extraordinary, Exceptional, Etc Etc Etc !!!

P.S:- I also got chided for letting my ego grow bigger than me. Was also warned of the (fat)monster that I had become :)

P.P.S:- Don't ask me what those theories are. :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010 by Hari
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அவன் - அவள் - பாகம் 9

அவன் and அவள் are two colleagues who are meeting after a considerable duration of time, and are spending some time catching up in office canteen

Reproducing the conversation from half way through....

அவள் :- Hey what happened to your crazy theories that you used to have ?
அவன் :- Crazy ? yeah yeah..they were crazy theories of course ... isn't it ?
அவள் :- Of course, they were... What was that crazy theory that you mentioned in 10th standard... that you can attain some orgasmic state if you consume some foods.
அவன் :- And I got labelled as a freak for that ..
அவள் :- Of course, Don't you think it was a little too far fetched for a 16 year old ?
அவன் :- Hmmm. may be to a certain extent they were...
அவள் :- Then of course, something else also happened right ?
அவன் :- Oh yes, that chaos theory discussion ..
அவள் :- How can I forget that ? The whole class was laughing at you . You made yourself the laughing stock. Isn't it ?
அவன் :- My stand was vindicated six years later. isn't it ?
அவள் :- Hmmm... I agree.
அவன் :- Now you agree ? The same people who made fun of my theories, flocked theatres to see the movie. Isn't it ? And why ? Because I am no Kamal Hassan. Isn't it ?
அவள் :- Seri.Seri.. No Tensan. Less Tensan More work. More work Less Tensan. So You do have some theories now ?
அவன் :- Yeah... Plenty of them.
அவள் :- And they are ?
அவன் :- That Ram never existed ...
அவள் :- Hey Raam !!!!
அவன் :- (with a chuckle) And that Krishna was a pervert ...
அவள் :- Hare Krishna !!! Don't even dare write something like that ...
அவன் :- You are so worried about my safety ?
அவள் :- Bull shit !!! I will ensure that you are deported from this country, if you bloody write something blasphemous about Rama or Krishna .. !!!
அவன் : !#$@##$^#$^$#%@#$@$^$%&$%

Saturday, August 14, 2010 by Hari
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Another Milestone .... and the Saga Continues ...

So, I finally cross another much awaited milestone - 30K visitors !!!

I remember the first post of this blog, I was listening to the songs of Sivaji - The Boss .. That the songs got released on a special date is another thing that I do not want you to notice. :P

Three years down the line, I am listening to the next Rajini film's song - The much expected - Enthiran !!!

No matter how hard I try, writing all sorts of posts.. I am able to average only 5000 visitors every 3 months.. I think I really need to improve my strategies.. :) :D

Just kidding guys... QoQ, Not much improvement. But 2 additional followers.. :) thanks buddies.

My most popular posts this 'season' , irrefutably, has been Cairo Diaries !! Thanks folks..
And of course, The Astras have become quite popular too... The Pasupataastra link comes fifth, when u google for it !!

Apart from that, My Avan Aval has met with mixed responses. Some want it to be longer.. Some say its too serious sometimes.. I seriously need to introspect.. hmmm...

what else ? nothing.. just that.. its been a wonderful journey and I am sure, it will continue to be.

P.S:- My next milestone will be my 400 posts :) :D ...Coming soon.. !!!

Monday, August 2, 2010 by Hari
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Enthiran - Rahman is a master magician !!!

Listening to Enthiran's songs... :)

Here is my verdict ..

Puthiya Manidha - The song is ok ok type. I am not impressed. This doesn't sound like the typical Rajini song that we are used to... :)

But I like the lyrics...

பன்மொழிகள் கற்றாலும் என் தந்தை மொழி தமிழ் அல்லவா!
பல கண்டம் வென்றாலும் என் கற்தாவுக்கு அடிமை அல்லவா!

Kathal Anukkal - Is more like Hosannah - Rehashed. Though the fanatics might feel otherwise. The lyrics are good. Again I am not impressed. These are expectations. These are by default expected in any A.R.Rahman album.. :P

Irumbil Oru Ithayam - Who is this Kash'n'Krissy ?? Awesome find man !!! What a find !! If they really project themselves well, they can grow bigger than MIA. Probably even eclipse her. Truly awesome. I love the part where Rahman says -
ஐரோபோ உன் காதில் ஐ லவ் யு சொல்லட்டா ?
I am sure, that Kash'n'Krissy will get n number of opportunities to sing in Kollywood and Bollywood.. oh.. I am sorry.. I forgot !!! it is now called 'The Hindi Film Industry'

Kash 'n' Krissy - உங்கள் சேவை - தமிழ்நாட்டுக்கு தேவை !!!!

Arima Arima - Awesome !!! Definite Top of the Chart - Typical Rajini Song.
ஆரம்பமே மிரட்டலா இருக்கு !!!
I am more interested in seeing this on screen. It must live up to the expectations... :)

அடி அழகே! உலகழகே! இந்த என்திரன் என்பவன் படைப்பின் உச்சம்!
அறிமா அறிமா – நானோ ஆயிரம் அறிமா
உன்போல் பொன்மான் கிடைத்தால்

I especially love the part...

சின்ன சிறுசின் இதயம் தின்னும் சிலிகான் சிங்கம் நான்…!!!

தலீவா... எங்கேயோ போய்டீங்க !!!!

Kilimanjaro - The song gets you hooked right from the moment Javed Ali sings - ஆஹா ஆஹா !!! The song sounds a bit funny. But otherwise, excellently orchestrated.
I am sure, that Chinmayi must be quite happy with this song. She deserves to be happy. The song has come out quite well. I am soooooo jealous of Javed Ali's voice... அந்த மாதிரி குரல் வர்றதுக்கு, என்னையா சாப்பிடறீங்க...!!! I will kill to get a voice like that.. !!! (only for singing.. :) My speaking voice is better than anybody else's.. :) I can say that with my head held high.. :) )

Boom Boom - Doesn't sound like a Rahman composition at all. :( . Sounds more like a Yogi B composition. Moreover the song sounds like as if you have heard this before somewhere.

Am not commenting on the Chitti Dance bit. Not impressed. :)

Its a Rajini movie. So all songs are bound to get equal attention and since its the Maran brothers who are producing this movie, we are going to be bombarded with the songs, whether we like them or not !!! :). But three songs are definitely killer songs. I am sure, Irumbil Oru Ithayam and Kilimanjaro is going to be a hit with the younger audiences.

Rahman finally seems to have mastered the art of 'First-time-Super-Hit'. I mean, people usually say, Rahman's songs take time to groove in. But I've noticed that in the last 3-4 years, that has not been the case. He has been belting out hits after hits - all that can start making you tap your foot, after the first listen. :)

Way to Go rahman...

I wish I had Hariharan's voice to say - எந்திரா !!!!

by Hari
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