24 !!!

The most awesome 24 days of my life. :)

Never felt better !!!!

The last 24 days of my life, have been the most amazing ones of my life !!!

I let myself loose. A privilege that I usually don't accord myself to. Atleast that's something that I haven't done in the last 24 years of my life. And man, what an experience it was.

For a start,

I finally let out a couple of relationship 'theories' of mine that I have been 'formulating' for a decade or so. Two of the most intelligent women I know, tried to debunk these theories in vain. I would not say that they failed. I would only say, that my theory stood its ground. Well, If I've taken a decade to formulate them, its not without some rigorous unit testing.. :P
(that they called it pure bakwas is another story altogether. :P)

I also 'propounded' three-four of my 'theories' (conspiracy theories according to the 'non-belivers') on Hinduism, religion, Gods and mythology. And I have managed to get away with them, and my colleague would put it, 'with the air of authority'.
(To my colleague who will be reading this. I was blaspheming. But don't forgive me. I am going to continue that.)

Spoke my mind on what I about thought about ------ (Fill in the blank, with any or all of the choices. The choices are politics, men, women, dating, relationships, mythology, gods, morality, immorality, and yes even Kinky stuff. :P)

Gave a colleague some real good counselling using numerology. Most of the people around were blown away by the analysis, that I made. (I may be exaggerating. Oh.. Come on, you know about me.. :P) And trust me, I never knew I was this good. :)

Confessed something about my past, that nobody knows. :P NOBODY.. !!!!
And I think that this would die over here as I am not re-telling that portion to anybody.

A part of me was reborn, as I finally found some solace, in locating a perfect peer for discussion on one of the most mundane topics of this century (atleast). I have transferred most, if not all, of my knowledge on the topic to that person. I guess, this was Karma. :P
What awesome conversations !!! What tarka !!! Hats off !!

Another part of me, found joy that I finally have some serious intellectual competition in this realm, where I previously thought, I was the most knowledgeable man. After all, what's knowledge, if you cannot show it off :P, especially when you realize that you have an equal.

I also felt humbled that there was somebody who knew as much as me, on certain topics and that your own arguments can act as a double edged sword, cutting you as much as they cut the other person.

I also got ideas for a couple of articles. The titles of which are quite controversial. :) :P

I was also stripped bare. Not literally.. please.. !! I was shown what I was. It was like, I was in front of a mirror and I was shown, that this was what I was, and this was how I came across to other people. Frankly, I liked it. :P

I finished my magnum opus - Mahabharata. Before you start wondering, I just wrote, the 18 days of war. It will get featured on this blog in a couple of day's time. And now my heart is all set to write something else. What it will be, is something everybody is eagerly anticipating.

So Am I .. :) !!!!!

The last 24 days of my life have been Extraordinary, Exceptional, Etc Etc Etc !!!

P.S:- I also got chided for letting my ego grow bigger than me. Was also warned of the (fat)monster that I had become :)

P.P.S:- Don't ask me what those theories are. :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010 by Hari
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