Another Milestone .... and the Saga Continues ...

So, I finally cross another much awaited milestone - 30K visitors !!!

I remember the first post of this blog, I was listening to the songs of Sivaji - The Boss .. That the songs got released on a special date is another thing that I do not want you to notice. :P

Three years down the line, I am listening to the next Rajini film's song - The much expected - Enthiran !!!

No matter how hard I try, writing all sorts of posts.. I am able to average only 5000 visitors every 3 months.. I think I really need to improve my strategies.. :) :D

Just kidding guys... QoQ, Not much improvement. But 2 additional followers.. :) thanks buddies.

My most popular posts this 'season' , irrefutably, has been Cairo Diaries !! Thanks folks..
And of course, The Astras have become quite popular too... The Pasupataastra link comes fifth, when u google for it !!

Apart from that, My Avan Aval has met with mixed responses. Some want it to be longer.. Some say its too serious sometimes.. I seriously need to introspect.. hmmm...

what else ? nothing.. just that.. its been a wonderful journey and I am sure, it will continue to be.

P.S:- My next milestone will be my 400 posts :) :D ...Coming soon.. !!!

Monday, August 2, 2010 by Hari
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