Enthiran - Rahman is a master magician !!!

Listening to Enthiran's songs... :)

Here is my verdict ..

Puthiya Manidha - The song is ok ok type. I am not impressed. This doesn't sound like the typical Rajini song that we are used to... :)

But I like the lyrics...

பன்மொழிகள் கற்றாலும் என் தந்தை மொழி தமிழ் அல்லவா!
பல கண்டம் வென்றாலும் என் கற்தாவுக்கு அடிமை அல்லவா!

Kathal Anukkal - Is more like Hosannah - Rehashed. Though the fanatics might feel otherwise. The lyrics are good. Again I am not impressed. These are expectations. These are by default expected in any A.R.Rahman album.. :P

Irumbil Oru Ithayam - Who is this Kash'n'Krissy ?? Awesome find man !!! What a find !! If they really project themselves well, they can grow bigger than MIA. Probably even eclipse her. Truly awesome. I love the part where Rahman says -
ஐரோபோ உன் காதில் ஐ லவ் யு சொல்லட்டா ?
I am sure, that Kash'n'Krissy will get n number of opportunities to sing in Kollywood and Bollywood.. oh.. I am sorry.. I forgot !!! it is now called 'The Hindi Film Industry'

Kash 'n' Krissy - உங்கள் சேவை - தமிழ்நாட்டுக்கு தேவை !!!!

Arima Arima - Awesome !!! Definite Top of the Chart - Typical Rajini Song.
ஆரம்பமே மிரட்டலா இருக்கு !!!
I am more interested in seeing this on screen. It must live up to the expectations... :)

அடி அழகே! உலகழகே! இந்த என்திரன் என்பவன் படைப்பின் உச்சம்!
அறிமா அறிமா – நானோ ஆயிரம் அறிமா
உன்போல் பொன்மான் கிடைத்தால்

I especially love the part...

சின்ன சிறுசின் இதயம் தின்னும் சிலிகான் சிங்கம் நான்…!!!

தலீவா... எங்கேயோ போய்டீங்க !!!!

Kilimanjaro - The song gets you hooked right from the moment Javed Ali sings - ஆஹா ஆஹா !!! The song sounds a bit funny. But otherwise, excellently orchestrated.
I am sure, that Chinmayi must be quite happy with this song. She deserves to be happy. The song has come out quite well. I am soooooo jealous of Javed Ali's voice... அந்த மாதிரி குரல் வர்றதுக்கு, என்னையா சாப்பிடறீங்க...!!! I will kill to get a voice like that.. !!! (only for singing.. :) My speaking voice is better than anybody else's.. :) I can say that with my head held high.. :) )

Boom Boom - Doesn't sound like a Rahman composition at all. :( . Sounds more like a Yogi B composition. Moreover the song sounds like as if you have heard this before somewhere.

Am not commenting on the Chitti Dance bit. Not impressed. :)

Its a Rajini movie. So all songs are bound to get equal attention and since its the Maran brothers who are producing this movie, we are going to be bombarded with the songs, whether we like them or not !!! :). But three songs are definitely killer songs. I am sure, Irumbil Oru Ithayam and Kilimanjaro is going to be a hit with the younger audiences.

Rahman finally seems to have mastered the art of 'First-time-Super-Hit'. I mean, people usually say, Rahman's songs take time to groove in. But I've noticed that in the last 3-4 years, that has not been the case. He has been belting out hits after hits - all that can start making you tap your foot, after the first listen. :)

Way to Go rahman...

I wish I had Hariharan's voice to say - எந்திரா !!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010 by Hari
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  1. Hey Hari,
    One thing is true, you are a DIE_HARD Rahman fan, who can never say anything agains him. You got company here :)
    Well, me too not much impressed with Enthiran. But that is not his fault, teaming with Rajnikant hardly made any memorable songs ( not just chart toppers ).

    Here is my view about the album


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