Dabangg ??? @#$@!#$@%@%^&$^$&^&

Well, the title of the movie represents what i think about the movie. If you still haven’t deciphered it, here goes..

Crap. Period.

This is the shittiest movie ever made in recent times. To be very frank, even Sam Anderson would have done a better job dancing. And to all those rave reviews extolling the movie for its ‘pure adrenaline’,’complete fun’, ‘action-fest’, i guess you have a long way to go in actually reviewing cinema.

This is money wasted. (Of course, except for the Munni song..) And wasted in style. Ayoo Raama… No logic anywhere… If you’d call Crank as a MindFuck movie… This goes down as WalletFuck …

I go to the theater for entertainment, not for watching 6 packs and shirt ripping itself out !!! I was laughing my heart out with sarcasm, when I saw that….

In my opinion, Arbaaz has done what no other director in recent times has dared to. That of insulting his own audience/spectators. Good job there…

And as for Salman… (smirk).

P.S:—Oops.. I know Arbaaz is not the director .. I meant the Producer…

Friday, September 24, 2010 by Hari
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