Flying Emirates ??? Beware !!! It SUCKS !!! Big Time… !!!!

I am not flying Emirates for the first time. Nor is it that some special mal-treatment has been meted out to me, but this is heights of apathy…

  • The flight is about 30 minutes delayed. They are not apologetic about it.
  • The cabin crew does not even bother to guide you to your seats.
  • The one thing that they all do perfectly fantastically is to come and tell you to keep your chair straight as it is time for the flight to take off.
  • They take away the headphones atleast 45 minutes before landing. (That really sucks…!!!)
  • If you ask them for water (second time), nobody would actually bother to get you one. You ask one, she disappears. You ask another, she makes such a face that you would rather puke than drinking the water that she brings.
  • You ask somebody for a juice/something, and instead of taking initiative, all the airhostess’ say is that someone else’s in charge and that it would be on its way.
  • They do not even bother to bring the ‘warm-towel’ tray even close to the window seat. The person has to stretch like hell before he can get his hands on the towel. (referring to the poor soul sitting next to me)
  • As for the food, there appears to be no-options for vegetarians at all. The only ‘vegetarian’ thing offered on the flight was ‘Upma’ which was actually only palatable.

Folks, we are not flying Emirates, because we love to. Point One.

Point Two. Just because you have the clout, doesn’t mean you are the last word on Hospitality. Sorry. We don’t encourage pathetic standards.

P.S:- Emirates Folks, I am purposely not sending you an email/posting on the forum on this issue.

P.P.S:- Atleast they could have gotten Good-Looking Airhostess’. :(  Sigh !!! To be born a bachelor and to travel Emirates is quite a pain in the a$$.

Saturday, September 25, 2010 by Hari

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  1. Hari - Where are you now ?

  2. Hi Senior,

    Back to Cairo... For a month or so ...

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