The Fortnight !!!

Last fortnight has been quite strange for me.. :)

Here is why ...

The most 'Arse-Holistic' Report - (Yes.. You read it right..)
A recent case of 'so-called' ethical Journalism from Rajdeep Sardesai and his team on CNN-IBN. Was such a topic really necessary especially in the shadow of a much awaited High Court Judgement.

Yellow-Yellow-Dirty-Fellow Award
for Journalism goes to Rajdeep Sardesai for his totally unethical and irresponsible report. Totally Condemnable. Congrats Rajdeep !! You screwed it up again !!!

I finished reading two books. One was Ishamel. Rocking and Fantabulous.
Another one was the Sari Shop Widow. OK OK Types.

Had the laugh of my life watching Chinni Jayanth on Manathudan Mano. The way he described the dubbing scene was totally awesome.

Had the breakthrough I was waiting for a long time. Working on it. :P

Prepared a PPT on a 17 page document in 2 hours for a non-official cause. Best part is I was seeing the document for the first time !! :)
Learnt that it was possible for 1000 words to be encompassed in mere 4 slides. :P

Visited Thiruvannamalai for the first time... Superb it was !!!
Took me to a different world altogether...

Had some realisations... Keeping my fingers crossed... Let's see.. !!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010 by Hari
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