The Great War - Day 4

Conches sound the fighting, and the two hosts decide to annihilate one another. Bheeshma is grimmer than ever before. With Drona providing him able support, he rides at the helm of the Kaurava forces. For his part, Arjuna is now truly an archer transformed. The last of his reserve within him gone, Arjuna does not care, whom he fought. Seeing Arjuna's frenzy archery, Kripa, Shalya, Vivimsati, Somadutta and Duryodhana, rush to Bheeshma's aide. Suddenly, it appears as if there is another Arjuna on the battlefield. He is forcing the enemy back. It is Abhimanyu.

In an hour, ten thousand lives are lost. Ashwathama, Bhoorisravas, Shalya, Chitrasena and Sala's son ride at Abhimanyu. Kripa and Trigartas also attack him. Kritavarma and Shalya, attach him from sides and wound him. Dhristadyumna who sees this, rushes to help Abhimanyu. Krishna also steers his chariot towards Abhimanyu. Dhrishtadyumna casts a mace at Sala's son, crushing his head. Sala who tries to avenge his son's death, falls down in a swoon. Dhristadyumna and Salya begin fighting with each other. Abhimanyu and Arjuna begin to get back to the Kauravas.

Duryodhana sees this, and calls on his brothers. 10 sons of Dhritarashtra, arrive at the scene. They begin covering the three in arrows. At the left, a Pandava warrior, raises his head, when he is not butchering the Kaurava forces. He sees his brother, brother-in-law, and his nephew being weighed down by arrows. He roars in such a manner, that every other sound on Kurukshetra seems trifle. He flies to their rescue, killing a hundred men on the way. Duryodhana instructs the King of Magadha to stop him. Magadhan is riding on an elephant. Out of the corner of his eye, Abhimanyu sees the danger about to befall his favorite uncle. In a flash, he lets loose an arrow, that kills the mastodon. Bheema's blood is now on the boil. Dhritarashtra's sons now tremble in fear. Bheema now stands like the peak of Mount Mery. With Maaya's mace, and strength and swiftness of his father, VayuDeva, he was a storm that was blowing across Kurukshetra.

Bheeshma arrives at the scene and inspects Bheema's carnage. He shoots a hundred arrows in an instant, which Bheema carelessly flits across. Satyaki rides to Bheema's help. Suddenly there is commotion among the Kauravas. A wild being is in their midst. He is the rakshasa Alambusa. He was twice as tall as any other warrior, and was furry by nature. He killed a hundred men with a curved sword and no arrows could pierce through his skin. He jumps into Satyaki's chariot and fight hand to hand. The Yadava is the finest swordsman to earth. He puts an end to this duel, by driving his sword deep into the Rakshasa's chest. Black blood gushes out of his body, and he runs away screaming, into the forest.

Bheema suddenly sees an opening at the side of Bheeshma, and rushes into it. He keeps on running and suddenly he finds himself amongs Dhritarashtra's sons. Like a wolf, in a herd of calves, Bheema, is now blood-frenzy. Here he kills the first Kaurava, and cries, '99 more to go'.
With a crazy laughter and roar, even before the Kaurava brothers could get time to arm themselves, Bheema has already killed another eight. Bheeshma, calls out to Bhagadutta, the lord of Pragjyotishpura, who fights from the back of Airavata sized elephant, to ride between Dhritarashtra's sons and Bheema. Bhagadutta's elephant is one of a kind. Its name is Supritika. The Kshyatriya who sits atop it is the son of Naraka, the asura who was killed by Krishna.

Bhagadutta, casts a sorceror's lance at Bheema. Bheema falls down unconscious. Just when Supritika is about to crush Bheema, another elephant looms in its path, with a black and implacable warrior on its neck, its Ghatotkacha. Ghatotkacha, also uses maya to fight. At times he appears, at times he doesn't. Ghatotkacha's animal pushes back Bhagadutta's massive mastodon. Bheema is on his feet again, and when he realises that he had been put into a stupor, he fights more ferociously than ever before. Soon the Kauravas are able to take them no more, and Bheeshma calls for end of day's war. The fighting has stopped two hours before sunset today.

Duryodhana is unable to sleep that night. It becomes very evident as to who has lost the day's war. The night only serves to amplifies his fears. He shudders at the thought, when Bheema will kill all of his brothers. He goes to Bheeshma for counsel. He says to Bheeshma, that he is afraid in the manner in which his akshauhinis are being slaughtered. That way, at the end of the war, they wouldn't be having any soldiers left. He clutches the old man's hand and cries. Bheeshma counsels to Duryodhana to make peace with Yudhishtra, to give him his half of the land and be peaceful. The Pandavas have Krishna with them. Even Drona and Bheeshma cannot them. In just 4 days time, they have annihilated 1/3rd of our men. We shall all be killed. Duryodhana, stares at the Pitamah' face for a long moment, and then walks out of the tent. Pitamah now lies on his bed thinking about the day's battles and the strategy for the next day. He had a stirring feeling, that his end was near.

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