The Great War - Day 6

Dhristadyumna and Arjuna take the initiative on the sixth morning. They are up before Bheeshma and decide to capitalise on the vyuha that the Kauravas had used to their advantage the day before, the makara vyuha. Bheeshma decides to use the Krauncha vyuha. Refreshed by a night's sleep, it suddenly appears as if the armies are eager for battle. It is as if nothing but war can satisfy their spirits any more. Their pasts are dreams now, unreal. And this reality is all that exists. Nothing matters anymore. Kill or get killed.

Bheema and Drona meet head on. Bheema slays Drona charioteer, but Drona takes the reins in his ighthands and starts fighting. Both Drona and Bheeshma had decided to vent their ire on the Pandava army. Whenever a Pandava warrior confronted them, they veered away, and killed hundreds of soldiers instead. Similarly, on the other side, Pandava warriors were decimating hundreds of thousands of Kaurava legions.

Bheema is on fire today. He seizes his mace and leaps down from his ratha. He unleashes himself upon the Kauravas like a freak storm. He smashes down horses, elephants and chariots that come his way. On and on he plunges on, deep into the heart of the Kaurava army. He no longer has to wait for the enemy to come to him. He is among them !! A hundred kshatriyas attack him together, only those who dare. Bheeema kills them all. Dhristadyuma notices that Bheema's chariot is empty and his charioteer Visoka is watching anxiously the enemy lines. Dhristadyumna immediately understands what had conspired, and rushes across the field to the enemy. The enemy legions part, as, Yamuna parted for Vasudeva, out of fear. Dhristadyuma has his task cut out. He only has to follow the crimson trail left behind by Bheema. There are dead men, all along the trail, and finally he sees Bheema, having the time of this life.

The warriors who were brave enough to fight Bheema, now flee as the Panchala's advent. Duryodhana eggs his warriors, saying, 'They are only two. Stand and fight.' But the two maharathis fight like as if they are two thousand. Duryodhana's brothers realise that Bheema is going to hunt them down, even if they were to go to Patala, they might as welll fight him and avenge the death of their already dead brothers. Thinking thus, 50 Kaurava brothers step forward. Dhritadyumna in the meanwhile, removes the arrows from Bheema's body and tries to bandage them. Bheema is wild with fury. He asks Dhristadyuma's sarathy to fly at the Kauravas.
The two, wreak havoc on the Kaurava army. Bheema's mace and Dhristadyuma's archery against 50 Kaurava brothers, all trained by Drona. The fight was equal now. Atleast that's what they all thought. Dhristadyuma unleashes the Pramoha, an astra that causes deep sleep. Kauravas swoon in their chariots. Bheema is about to jump down and finish them, when suddenly, another astra flies across the field, and falls like stardust on the Kauravas. The take up their weapons once again.

Duryodhana arranges for reinforcements and a thousand warriors rush to surround Bheema and Dhristadyumna. Yudhishtra sends Abhimanyu, in Suchi or the Needle Vyuha, to the rescue of Bheema and Dhristadyumna.

Abhimanyu arrives at the scene. Every man in his vyuha is a maharathika. Drona begins attacking Dhristadyumna, and kills his sarathy in a flash. Abhimanyu brings his chariot between the acharya and his born killer, and Dhristadyumna jumps into the chariot. Visoka in the meanwhile, has come into the Kaurava legions, looking for Bheema. Once again, Bheema is in his own chariot and flies at Dhritarashtra's sons again.

Abhimanyu and Vikarna fight, shooting a hundred arrows at each other exhibiting fine archery. Seeing Bheema attack his brothers once again, Duryodhana himself challenges Bheema. Bheema is only pleased to oblige, but the duel lasts hardly minutes. Bheema shoots fire shafts to incapcitate Duryodhana, and he faints. Jayadratha comes to the rescue of Duryodhana. Bheema is furious. He gives Jayadratha the chase. Jayadratha, is now anxious to fight Bheema. He gives the charge of Duryodhana to Kripacharya and turns to face Bheema. A hundred Kaurava soldiers rush to Jayadratha, and the battle becomes diffused once again. Both the senapati's sound the conches to end the day's war.

Once again the day belongs to the Pandavas. Twice as many as Duryodhana's men have died, as Yudhishtra's. Bheema and Dhristadyumna are the heroes in the Pandava camp. Between them, they have killed 20,000 men, perhaps even more. Except for the first day of war, all other days of war, almost all, belonged to them. Duryodhana goes to Bheeshma to complain. He says that the Pitamah is not putting his heart into the war. Bheeshma plainly tells Duryodhana that he had told Duryodhana very clearly at beginning of war, that he would not kill any of the five Pandavas, but would kill hundreds of thousands of their soldiers. Bheeshma sends back a dejected Duryodhana back to his camp.

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