Of Banners, Bookfairs and Buffoons....

Back after an unusually long evening outside. I had gone to Vellore from Arni for some purpose and I had planned to visit the book fair that was being conducted at the Vellore Fort Grounds, and then do some shopping and get back home. Here is what happened ...

First things first, As I was travelling in the bus, I noticed something.

யாரப்பா இந்த ஆர் ஆர் ஆர் ?? அவருக்கு எத்தனை பசங்க ... ?? ஏன் அவர் போஸ்டர இப்டி ஆரணி மொத்தம் திருஷ்டி கழிக்கிறா மாதிரி தோங்க விட்டுருக்காங்க ??

(Who is the RRR ? How many children does he have ? Why have they hung his poster all over Arni )

In further reading the bill boards I came to know that his (son or daughter) [நாதாரி பசங்க... பைய்யனா பொன்னானு கூட போடல ..] is getting married and that his well wishers (???) had done this out of their 'love' for him. Now RRR at the outset appears to be some politician, which probably explains all the 'love' that his well wishers have for him. But ironically, I don't even know the man.. :P and why have his 'lovers' posted the city with his posters ? I am definitely not delighted to see his face on a 2 feet by 3 feet size scale (we'll ignore the fact that the face even in normal proportions does not warranty a seeing.). That I would have stared at the poster for hours if it was Deepika Padukone is another thing.

As I reached Vellore and got my job done, I walked towards the Book Fair grounds. When I entered it, I was in for a shock. I couldn't even enter the hall !! No, it was not the crowd !!! But rather the ventilation of the whole thing. Now what they had done was to build a tent and then extend it as much as possible along its length. Provided it with a fan for every ten feet and ensured that it was closed from all ends with Aluminium sheets. Khallas.. !!!

What a perfect arrangement for a book fair !!!
Second best part was the way the stalls were arranged. I never felt I was actually visiting an organised book fair. It was like a school exhibition. Anybody could walk in, look at things and then even escape with a couple of books :P. By the time I finished the first 10 stalls, I was sweating profusely. I do not recommend people with hyperventilation problems to attend this fair. Or for that matter. Let me be very honest, I don't recommend anybody to go there.

Seriously pathetic. This being the condition on a day when there was no crowd actually, I can only imagine how things would be on saturday and sunday, when Nakkeeran Gopal and Prof. Gnanasambandham are going to 'grace' the occasion. Oh, I would love to see them walk into that 'tent' and buy books with me. Well, they might, If I was going to buy 'their' books.. :P

Third best part of the evening. Harish Food World (or zone .. some crap). Pathetic to the power infinity.
Absolutely no clue as to where one must bill.
Nobody has any idea where any item is.
People cut queues in manners that they deem fit.
The counters are just three in number.
The size of the crowd behind every counter was atleast 20 people.
Cards are not accepted.

This is the shop next to the Joy Alukkas one. Semma Kodumai.
Can't they have atleast the basic common sense of placement of billing counter ?? It is so placed that the billing counter person always sees the front door of the shop, whereas the crowd comes in from behind. If that was the case, shouldn't there be space for the people behind to stand ?

You may say that I am cribbing about something that is very common. But I am also saying that it is non-sensical. Every Tom Dick and Harish can open a Supermarket in this country in a 650 sq.ft space and claim it to be the premium one in its category.

இதுல ஹரீஷ் பேகரி வேறயாம் !!! என்ன கொடுமை சார் இது ?

P.S:- The only good thing that I did today was to get that job done. :(

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 by Hari
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