Mike Testing 1 2 3

I had the compulsive urge to do it. And hence the change in my template. If you liked the previous one better, sorry folks. But this one's here to stay for some time...

Have always been a fan of V and will continue to remain so. :)

Testing the B L I N K Tag.

Is this working ??????

Also testing the Emoticons .. Are they working...

twisted ..... mrgreen biggrin
I hope so .. !!!

P.S :-

P.P.S:- Had to get Greasemonkey installed to get this to work... Hmmm ...

Thursday, October 21, 2010 by Hari
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  1. FAIL - Blink tag does not work from the iGoogle Homepage feed.

  2. Senior..
    Sellathu sellathu...

    It works fantastically fine on Firefox and IE. Some issue with JS scripts maybe on iGoogle.

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