Nawab - Zamalek - Review

Well, I am back in Cairo, that's probably the best news that I can give you right now.

We (as a team) recently arrived at a very very important project milestone, that culminated in all of us slogging our asses off till 2 and 3 in the morning.

During the time, I was not in Cairo, a couple of our colleagues found out more Indian eatouts (Yippeee !! :)) One of them is Nawab. So a lot of colleagues were ordering food from Nawab.

I, being the sceptic that I am, was not ready to believe my colleagues when they waxed eloquently about this restaurant. So I decided to put them through the test of fire. :P

A person called Bhattcharya picked up my call. He took my order and said that the food will arrive at my place in another 45 minutes. True to their word, the food arrived, on the dot. Impressive !!!

But one thing I noticed was that Nawab does not send with its parcel carriers, enough change. Its always the case. I am making it a point because, I have encountered this kind of situation thrice in a span of a week. As a result, you are forced to part with the rest of the money as the tip for the parcel carrier. When the amount is less, this case is fine with me. But when you order for 80 pounds and give him a 100 note, and when the guy pockets it and walks away, it comes as quite a shock. So requesting Nawab folks to kindly take this up seriously.

Now, coming to the food. Onion Kulcha, was out of the world. Both the sabzis were good, but unfortunately too oily. You cannot load a dish with so much oil, if you were to parcel it and ensure that the parcel reaches the place safely. So a -1 there. Food was actually quite good. This was the first encounter.

Second was the big meal which had to take a 30 pax order. Malai Kofta was too good. My mouth waters at the thought. I don't usually do that.:P The rotis were good. Rice was exceptionally good. Sweetdishes were good too. So they did manage to make a good impression on me.

It was then I decided to go there and have dinner. So off we went. A group of 4. We had a tough tough time trying to locate the restaurant. Really tough time. It took us about 40 minutes after reaching Zamalek to reach Nawab.

Finally we take our seats. The service is very very ordinary. So don't go expecting some right royal treatment. The restaurant's interiors are nicely done, but unfortunately it is located on such a non-descript street that anybody might easily miss it.

They didn't have the paneer, so no Malai Kofta. Pakodas were hot. They served the Palaak - Aalu just the way I hated it - big big chunks of Aalu put in. Gosh.. When will the chefs ever learn.

Our host recommended the Rabri to us, as it was freshly made. So we tried it. I was swept off my feet. :) Gulab Jamun was equally good. Though it appeared quite plainly that it was Microwaved too much....

Overall - Food wise, they get a 9/10. Ambience, Comfort and Serving styles, they get somewhere around 4.5/10.

P.S:- Don't ask me for an address. I almost got lost. Better try their website. :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010 by Hari
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