Of Moolah and Moolai !!!

I was not at all surprised when the Maran brothers took over Enthiran’s production. The biggest television house in South India, taking up a film, and a super-star wala at that was the one that rose eyebrows.

Definitely the Maran Brothers would not have entered into Enthiran, without doing some (read – lots) number crunching. Here are my statistics.

First the assumptions

There are 2250 prints.

Atleast 4 shows in every theatre.

A seating capacity of 500 people in every show.

Let’s assume a moderate fare of Rs. 150 per ticket. (Black Ticket Sales have touched Rs. 1500 in Bangalore and Rs.5000 in Chennai as per the information trickling in from FB and Twitter)

So let’s do the math :-

2250*4*500*150=67.5 crores for a single day.

And assuming the trend is for the first 30 days, which is usually the case for any Rajinikanth movie, this gives us about 2025 crores in a single month.

Adjusting for the production cost, which is about 200 crores, we get a figure close to 1800 crores in a single month.

The Maran brothers will have their investment returned back to them 9 times in the course of a single month.

I am envisaging a total revenue/profit from Enthiran to touch 3000 crores, making it the unparalleled hit in history of Indian Cinema.

Needless to say, all movies released in India, will now carry the Post-Enthiran Timestamp.

Saturday, October 2, 2010 by Hari
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