मेरी ज़िन्दगी का One வ !!!

So One Quarter of my life is over... :)
Ok.. Let me stop sounding so pessimistic. :) I have 3/4ths of my life to live :) :D
Birthday this year, was a quieter affair than last year. I actually liked it. And this year, I seriously do not have any complaints of any sort.
I am keeping up quite well with the promises that I made to myself last year. 
My life's rocking :) and I seriously never felt better (Except for a little flesh that's hanging around my waist :P, but then I never bothered about it. So chill)
Thanks to Anand's Mantra - Less Expectation - More Happiness !!! :) :D
I think that made a big difference here.

I am writing, writing and writing !!! :)
Mahabharata is over. So waiting for the next inspiration. One of the two papers promised here is on its way. Its shaping up quite well. :)
Haven't found the time to write an Avan-Aval. Am sorry. I have the scenarios in my mind. Just not finding the urge to put it down on paper.
For folks who are eagerly waiting for the next part of 'The story of my life' - I know you people are missing Hari and Gaai. So please wait for the next part. It will be shared to you by email very very soon. And trust me, you will like it better than the previous parts. :) :D. 100% Entertainment guaranteed !! :) :D
As for the Cairo Diaries, I am just back in Cairo, so that will obviously take some more time.
Of Quizzes Answers and Destiny will be back. Basically taking a short break. But I will be writing.

Three folks called for my D Day. V, R and S. Folks, your wishes are much appreciated. You took the time to figure out my Cairo number and call me, without bothering about the cost :) (11bucks a minute :P)
I may have been rude to you before, but trust me, I forgive you all...  :P

For those who mailed me, your thanks have been mailed back.

This is the update as of now. So chill, Rest in Next. :)

P.S:- Ok.. For the more curious ones.
The Rest in Next tag used to be my favorite line to sign off mails, during my high-school and college days.. :P
வ means Quarter in Tamizh. So.. I guess that explains it all. :)
People are not worth so much heartache after all. So chill. And since when did I start caring for the others. :P :)
So WTF ? :P :D

Thursday, October 7, 2010 by Hari
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