Prezi - Thinkovation or The Powerpoint Slayer ?

OK, here is my official verdict.

Prezi rocks... !!!

For those of you who are wondering what I am talking about, here is the context.

Prezi is one of those very few players in the market who are standing up against Microsoft's monopoly in the Presentation market. We are stuck with MS PPT, ain't we ??

Here is about Prezi in a nutshell. (Wiki content)

Prezi is a web-based presentation application and storytelling tool that uses a single canvas instead of traditional slides. Text, images, videos and other presentation objects are placed on the infinite canvas and grouped together in frames. The canvas allows users to create non-linear presentations, where users can zoom in and out of a visual map. A path through different objects and frames can be defined, representing the order of the information to be presented. The presentation can be developed in a browser window, then downloaded so that an Internet connection is not needed when showing the presentation.

The very idea that one need not be restricted to a canvas of a 14" wide size is so so thrilling !!! Imagine having a canvas as large as a newspaper and yet you'd be able to zoom in on the exact content you need your spectators to see. Now what do you call that ? I call it 'Thinkovation' - (Thinking-Out-Of-The-Box + Innovation)

I was initially skeptical about it, when I actually read it. I decided what's the point if you can't actually use it on your laptop, but still decided to give it a try. And just imagine, my surprise when I could utilize a huge gigantic page (read "screen") and that too all to myself. WoW !!!

And I immediately set upon doing the unthinkable. I made a presentation.

You can view it here.

I am actually quite pleased with the results. The output is a 'flash-like' PPT with all the features of a regular PPT thrown in. You can save the Presentation online, in a format called .prezi or .prez. And no !! They are not PPT compatible.

To be able to create a Prezi offline, you need to download their Desktop application, and though the download is free, you need to pay for using it beyond a month and that actually sucks !! And I am wondering when will they make it MS PPT compatible.

The prezi is downloadable as a Flash Presentation (but only if you've made the presentation. You cannot download someone else's presentation,unless and until the person has marked it for sharing), and that actually helps you a lot if you are kind who uses an USB to play your presentation. Run the exe and Viola !!! your presentation is Ready.. And its DhinChaak tooo !!! :) :)

I guess Microsoft has realised the potential of Prezi and so they decided to put their Officelabs team to task. The Office Labs team came up with an innovative solution, the pptPlex. Its basically a more watered down version of Prezi, however, it still is slide dependent. Best part about pptPlex is that, if you embed a word document, in a slide, you can actually browse through it. :) ..

YES !! I am serious. And its just so cool, especially when you want to impress somebody...

They've (folks at MS) just made some slight modifications to the framework, albeit technical, it does not convince me that is very good. It's good, no doubt, but not the best.

The trouble with pptPlex is that you need to have the PlugIn installed on the PC where you are going to do the presentation, and it works only in the 'Layout' mode. The 'effects' are not saved onto the Presentation. So if you come to the slide mode and press F5, the effects are all gone. POOF !!!! That was so pathetic.

I am sure they can come up with something that is much more innovative than that.

Anyway, I had fun doing the testing and R&D on this aspect.

Shown below is a screenshot of my actual Presentation at Prezi. You need to press the Darkened forward arrow button to start playing. The effects are all Prezi's. I just gave the directions. :P

Here is one interesting Prezi. It is about the Nestle-GreenPeace Faceoff !!

Have Fun !!!

P.S:- Folks, who've already seen my PPT's get ready for some totally DhinChak PPT's. :) :D

Saturday, October 30, 2010 by Hari
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