Cairo Diaries - 25

This one is going to be short and is a review of two restaurants. Two oriental restaurants. Though I claim myself to be an adventurous guy, I am sometimes scared of experimenting too much with food.

First place that I went to was Jo-Sushi - A Japanese Restaurant. It is on the Mohammed Mazhar Street, in Zamalek. Open from 12 AM to 12 PM. It is totally devoid of any dazzling lights and you can easily miss it. It's actually a small restaurant but very artfully decorated. Ambience was great, and so was the setting.

I was initially a bit skeptical because Sushi is basically fish and what would a vegetarian get in a Sushi Restaurant ? Well, my doubts were put to rest when I saw 'some' vegetarian items on the menu. For starters I ordered Miso Shiru - its actually Soya Bean soup. To be frank, it was totally pathetic when tasted just like that. I had to squeeze and entire lemon to make it appealing to the tongue.

The Cucumber Salad was too good. Not as spicy as they had advertised. But nevertheless good. :)

Then Vegetarian Maki. It is basically steamed rice wrapped in some edible leaves (don't ask me what leaves), with a filling of your choice in them, served with some Wasabi and sauces. I chose Japanese Pickles for Filling. It was very very good. And as for Wasabi. Here is a point of caution. DO NOT simply taste it. It hits your tongue and nose as fast as lightning and the taste blinds your senses for a moment. Just for a fraction of a second you feel as if you have sniffed in Sulphuric Acid. Its pungent and hot nature and can actually spoil your whole experience.

The pickled ginger was awesome !!! I loved it.

For dessert it was fried banana laced with honey and served with coconut icecream. Decent fare. A sumptuous dinner fare for two would cost you around 250 EGP (If you are a non-vegetarian).

The other restaurant that we visited was the Thai Elephant Restaurant in Zamalek (again :)). This one actually did not live upto the expectations.

The mixed vegetables soup in coconut milk was good. It was a different taste actually. The rice was good, but not the one they advertised. Fried Sweet Corn gets 10/10. Just perfect !!! I loved it.

The Vegetable Red curry was ok ok types. Tasted like some 2nd grade restaurant food in India. Ice Cream was good. Fried Icecream with coconut layer.

The ambience is awesome. It gets a 9/10 for ambience. Service is pathetic. Food is good. Not great. Not the place where you would like to bring your special someone or an entire evening. You never know how the food may turn out to be.

Average dining cost for two would be 250 EGP (for one vegetarian and the other non-vegetarian)

P.S:- Wondering why there is suddenly a spate of Cairo Diaries... ? :)

Monday, November 8, 2010 by Hari
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