How deep does the Rabbit Hole go ???

First things first. How big is the pee ? (oops... sorry.. I meant pie)

The pie is 1,70,000 Crore... In figures it is like this...

1,70,000,00,00,000 Rs.
Or to put it in international format ...
17,000,000,000,000 Rs. That's a whopping 17 Trillion Indian Rupees.
Now converting that to U.S Dollars, we get something like (@ a modest 40Rs/USD)
425,000,000,000 - WoW ...

!!! $425bn !!!!

If only Barack Obama knew about this, he would have specifically arranged for a meeting with this man, even if it was at the cost of missing the Banquet thrown by the Prime Minister. Come on, Barack Obama knows that $425 bn is more than enough to bail his country out of the Crisis. He must be thinking,
'They steal our jobs, transfer the taxpayers' money into their swiss accounts and then they have the bloody cheek to tell these people that it was because of recession. Damn !! I wish I was born here.'
The best part is yet to come. This guy, the person responsible for this whole shit, is still out in the open, with not iota of shame or responsibility. The least he can do is to atleast resign. (Atleast till he can fabricate evidences that it was an entirely another man impersonating him and forging his signature and making those trips to the Parliament and even managing to have his own thumbprints replicated, quoting the advances in Science and Technology, maybe in the attempt, even manage to blame Director Shankar for showing SciFi in his movies and try to get Rajinikanth in the frame by saying that it was an Enthiran who had replaced him)

But I am not surprised at this. What I am surprised is that in this whole shit, not one, mind you, I am very choosy about my words, NOT ONE MINISTER/M.P from the ruling party side has stood up and talked about ethics. Why in fact even the man-in-charge-of the-scam has not spoken up. How come suddenly, nobody has a backbone. Oh Hell, I forgot, If they had one, they wouldn't be sitting there. Isn't it ?

And look at the bloody cheek here. Bloody Hell, you couldn't even open your arse in the Parliament, I won't be surprised if they prise your mouth open and find a couple of oysters hiding in there. Sub-Judice ?? And that too the man saying it... Boy, This deserves to come on MTV Ticker.. Or even better, Aditya Channel for Prime Time Comedy... And the man says (I am quoting from Sify)
'She has no moral right to speak on this.'
Fine.. I agree with you Mr. Union Minister about 'She' not having the right to speak on this. But what about the rest of us. You think that the rest of us all are immoral bastards isn't it ??. Well Well... Thank you Mr. Union Minister. Now If I get a chance to say this to your face, I would love to see the expression on your face. Here goes my question 'Have you ever tried to see how many lakhs actually went up your arsehole ? I bet you couldn't have gotten past even a few thousand rupee notes. I have a better caption for your election for the next term. Save My arse, Please don't vote for me.'

Now, comes another question, why is the government so keen to save him ?? SAVE HIM ? He should be given a public trial.. That's what you are saying right ? Come on my friend.. This is India. Here civilians are tried, not criminals and Union Ministers are not guilty even when they are caught in the middle of a prostitution racket.

Everybody out there, is trying to save this man. Now coming back to the question, why is everybody out to save this man ?? Can't you see that its so obvious... ???
I think I know the answer. As the JOKER says in THE DARK KNIGHT
'I know the squealers when I see them'
They are plain scared that he is gonna squeal. And since his squealing is going to be so loud that it may start breaking panes at Barack Obama's summer Camp, they just want to shut him up or better still, cover this . And here starts the Operation Cover-up.

Not satisfied ? OK. Why is the government going to Supreme Court ? Obviously they are scared that an enquiry into this will lead to the study of the CAG being brought to light and may expose the wonderful 'doings' more than that would be necessary and thus throwing the whole 'Constitutional Machinery and money-laundering exercise' into chaos. Moreover it is merely an eye-washing act so that the Opposition is also satisfied. I wonder how many of those zeroes, as we are speaking, are being transferred to the opposition's swiss accounts.

I will not be surprised if each and every one of those MP's including the Prime Minister of the Country and the President of the Party has a share in this huge cake. Its a pretty big cake and I am sure everybody has now bitten a little more than what they could have actually stuffed. Now that they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar they'd better keep their mouths shut.

Now let us see what the fuss is about CAG. I think this team (though it is represented by a single man, I still wish to re-iterate that there is an entire team behind him.) has done a superb job. I am not being sarcastic. In fact, for the first time perhaps in this decade, I am seeing a government body going after a Union Minister with all they've got. In fact a killer job. They nailed him. And now they are making him squeal. Kudos. Hats off. Three Cheers. Fantastic Jobs. Please do complete the CWG audit also and let us know the squealers on that one too. Please... :)

Apparently the Joint Secretary of the Law Ministry does not think so. In a news item that I read here, the concerned person has in fact 'advised' the CAG that
“[The] CAG Act 1971 nowhere provides that he [CAG] has any duty or power to question the wisdom of the policy/lawmaker...[they] cannot exceed the role assigned to them under the constitution/law. The CAG has no duty or power to challenge the policy decisions taken by the government,”
Now my question is, if the Law Ministry is advising the CAG on constitutional roles, They might as well have quoted the Article/Amendment/Schedule. Well, if there was one, they would have, haven't they .. ? Apparently the Joint Secretary was absent in school on the day they taught Constitution and on the day the Law Ministry came to recruit him, they simply asked him to write his name and sing a song and presto,he is immediately given an offer letter that opens with the following words...
'Welcome to the Government of India, where laws are made to be broken'

I am quoting from the CAG website. Its an autonomous government body. And on its website it clearly states ...
Propriety Audit which extends beyond scrutinising the mere formality of expenditure to it wisdom and economy and to bring to light cases of improper expenditure or waste of public money

While conducting the audit of receipts of the Central and State Governments, the Comptroller & Auditor General satisfies himself that the rules and procedures ensure that assessment, collection and allocation of revenue are done in accordance with the law and there is no leakage of revenue which legally should come to Government.

Let me quote again , ' leakage of revenue which legally should come to Government'.
Pretty much clear-cut and to the point isn't it ?

Apparently the Chief Secretary is clearly not a well-read man. I guess,the well-decorated and 'Oh-I-Got-Degrees-From-So-Many-Universities-In-the-World-But-I-Ain't-got-a-BackBone' Prime Minster and the Law Ministries should either get that appointment due to their ophthalmologist or better still, ask their secretaries to be well aware of what falls with the purview of the constitution and their own non-sense.

What I am also surprised is that, this is the same CAG that performs Audit on the government's treasury for income and expenses. How come no-one's raised a concern on this one. Finance Ministry can easily shut up the Law Ministry with a single comment from their side. But, there is silence prevailing.

Quoting from the Hindu - Dated 2007 January.
"Parliament is a co-ordinate organ and its views do deserve deference even while its acts are amenable to judicial scrutiny."
And mind you, that is a line from a Judgement from the Highest Court of Law in the country.

So according to me (I am a MangoMan), a lawyer even contemplating of going to court with this case that this should not be presented to Supreme Court argument , is in the first place, recording a 'Contempt of Court and its judgement' even before the case is brought to hearing. I would love to hear lawyers talk about this one. So now the government has now no other option but to go to court.

What I am waiting for is for the TamizhNadu's current Chief Minister to play his 'Oh-He-Is-A-Dalit-And-They-Are-Trying-To-Degrade-Him' harp for perhaps the 8902nd time in his life ? or maybe its the 8903rd time ? Either way, he knows that with Elections due in another 4 months, all the magazines and news dailies in the state are literally baying for his blood and will not hesitate to shit on him for playing Caste Politics (which of course he has been playing for perhaps the last 5 decades of his so called [outrightedly disgusting, stinking and nauseating] political life.) So the old man is playing the cards close to his chest. Careful sweetheart, lest you go down with those cards never being revealed. What would happen to the Union Minster then ? I shudder to think.

I beg the CAG to please go public with the whole scam. Wash this man's dirty linen in public. Make sure he does not and cannot have a social life EVER in this country. Show him what it really means to be an outcaste in the society and teach him that it will not do him any good to play his caste-card. That trump card was for the previous decade. Not this one. If it was within my powers I would make him wash the plates and glasses in the LS Canteen for the next 20 years without a single penny for compensation. Maybe perhaps a Parle-G ??? Or has the minister already begun to avoid the G word ??

G will tell perhaps.

And now for some respite. Please do watch these songs. The one on the left starts with lyrics

"For how many years more will you keep cheating the people.
You keep acting as if you are some good soul,
You are only waiting for an opportunity to rob."

எத்தனைக் காலம்தான் ஏமாற்றுவார் இந்த நாட்டிலே
சொந்த நாட்டிலே நம் நாட்டிலே
சத்தியம் தவறாத உத்தமர் போலவே நடிக்கிறார்
சமயம் பார்த்துப் பல வகையிலும் கொள்ளை அடிக்கிறார்
பக்தனைப் போலவே பகர்ந்தே கண்காட்டி
பாமர மக்களை வலையினில் மாட்டி

Don't steal my child.
Correct your mistakes when its early enough to correct them.
Those who plan and steal continue to steal
Those who enact laws to stop them continue to enact laws.
Unless and until the thief regrets we cannot stop this.

திருடாதே ... பாப திருடாதே ...
சிந்தித்து பார்த்து .. செய்கையை மாத்து
சிறிசா இருக்கையில் திருத்திக்கோ ... தவறு சிறிசா இருக்கையில் திருத்திக்கோ .
தெருஞ்சும் தெரியாமல் நடந்திருந்தால் அது திரும்பவும் வராம பார்த்துக்கோ ...

திட்டம் போட்டு திருடர கூட்டம் திருடி கொண்டே இருக்குது
அத சட்டம் போட்டு தடுக்கற கூட்டம் தடுத்து கொண்டே இருக்குது
திருடராய் பார்த்து திருந்தா விட்டால் .. திருட்டை ஒழிக்க முடியாது ...

Ironically both the songs have been sung my Makkal Thilagam MGR, way back in 1961. :) :D

Friday, November 12, 2010 by Hari
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  1. Absolutely loved the relevancy of the songs...!

    Wonderfully researched post! And a very very bold one as usual!

  2. Thanks Shiva. I know the language of the post was a bit too harsh, but I needed to take it out of my system. 425 Billion dollars is too much of an atrocity on the tax payers of this country.

    I wonder how these folks are able to sleep at night.. Anyway would love to see you blog on this one, in your usual diplomatic language. Can I expect one ?

  3. Nothing will move the suckers or so the saying goes. You can touch Tharoor because he was outright elite and didn't gel with the 'bastards in the well (of the house )'. Not surprisingly he was so in-experienced in the Indian Political Theatre that he allowed himself to be seen in public with his then fiancee and current wife while allowing her to dabble in IPL ( Il-legitimate Plunderer's League ).

    Take Sharad Pawar. He was also in deep s**t in the IPL septic tank. But how he withered the storm along with his colleague Praful Patel!

    The point is : SG ( you know who ) needs to be placated with a hefty percentage of the loot so that her coffin could be lined with these dollar/rupee bills. Raja provided the coffin liners to both SG and Karuna ( in the absence of T.R.Baalu ). Hence no action can ever be taken against Raja while Tharoor was not so considerate to line other's coffins and hence had to go.

    On top of all that you have the eternal poetess from no-where, Kanimozhi, whose not-so-better half half happens to be the person in question. This temptress from the south needs to be placated everytime by her father, in the absence of which, the painstakingly stitched unity in the family would be disturbed to the detriment of the next-in-line chief minister who hopes to become a full time one after the next elections.

  4. Awesome...

    Was reading some more shit about the 'Rationalistic' Family Line. Avanga kudumba kathai enna ipdi kaari thupparam mathiri irukku ... ?

    And to top it.. the poetess daughter's current marriage is her second it seems. This is actually news to me. Best part is, there are no photos of this mystic Singapore Based Tamil Literary Lover Husband of The Poetess. For that matter there are no photos of her first husband as well. Rumours are that the Union Minister siphoned off 80 crores as compensation to his wife for divorce...

    Even worse, the rumor mills are working over time (and sometimes their rumors are well worded) that the Union Minister and the Poetess Daughter are hitting it off together... As in .. A romantically linked relationship. Coming from a Family where the head himself is like a 'donkey-let-loose' and whose brother at 60 years of age wants to be called the Head of the Youth movement.. I am not at all surprised.

    Kodumai Kodumainu koyilukku Ponaa...

  5. BTW Anna... Nothing on Cattle-Classes for a long time ... ???

    Especially on this Spectrum Bonanza...

  6. Bharathiyaar said, rahter prophetically,

    " Paei Arasaandal Pinam Thinnum Saaththirangal.."

    When the country is headed by a woman whose "qualifications" equal that of Veerappan, what can anyone expect anything ?

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